Digital marketer integrated degree – Level 6

Laptop with a digital marketing dashboard

What is the Digital Marketer Integrated Degree?

Overview and Occupational profile

The integrated degree is a Level 6 qualification achieved by leading on the creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy. Through this the marketer will recognise and respond to business opportunities and customer requirements through an array of different digital marketing channels. The marketer will actively employ content marketing and campaign management principles as well as financial and analytical tools to deliver on a successful campaign that meets the needs and goals of their organisation.

Entry Requirements

Each employer will typically set their own unique entry requirements but to be able to study for a degree, typically candidates who have achieved a grade C or above in at least five GCSE’s which includes English and Maths, and at least two A levels equivalent to Level 3 qualifications. Candidates for this role may have previously been in a digital marketing role or be able to demonstrate a real passion and personal experience in digital marketing.

How long is the integrated degree?

This Level 6 apprenticeship will typically be between 3-4 years depending on the apprentice’s experience.

What qualification do I get?

At the end of this Level 6 course you will receive a Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing.

Be aware that apprentices without a level 2 English and Maths qualification will need to achieve this level before taking the end point assessment.

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What skills will I need for this role?

The occupational skills for this role include:

  • Be able to develop and apply the concepts, principles and theories of marketing staying relevant to the interdisciplinary topics of digital marketing.
  • Apply the 4 campaign principles which are product, price, place and promotion.
  • Write and create content appropriate for different audiences across various channels and ensure that there are clear ‘call to actions’ and user journeys.
  • Demonstrate how to promote and apply content marketing effectively through the most effective media channels, relationship management systems and communication platforms to make sure that the brand and cultural awareness are maintained throughout the duration of the marketing strategy.
  • Management skills to plan, specify, lead and report on the project as well as the ability to manage and optimise key channels and content within the overall plan.
  • Accurately observe and report to draw conclusions from all types of statistical analysis of campaign performance, recognising limitations with financial budgetary requirements to demonstrate the campaigns return on investment (ROI).
  • Engage with communities through email marketing and social media to stimulate and encourage customer communication through having positive discussions and regular engagement.
  • Interpret, communicate and brief internal or external stakeholders on digital business requirements.

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Desired behaviours for an integrated degree

The ideal applicant for this role will be able to communicate effectively and actively listen at all levels. The ability to work under pressure and unsupervised will give the applicant an advantage as well as the confidence to interact effectively within the wider organisation.

The ideal applicant must consider the impact of work on others, especially in relation to culture, diversity and equality.

Demonstrate business disciplines and compliance with procedures and principles to ensure the work is of the highest quality and fit for purpose within the organisation. Close attention will be needed for deadlines and budget requirements.

Be enthusiastic in your role and have a flexible approach to work and personal development through CPD and life-long learning.

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Additional information

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