Customer Service Specialist – Level 3 Apprenticeship

Man on pone at a desk.

What is a Customer Service Specialist?

A Customer Service Specialist’s purpose is to be a direct point of contact for a customer and professionally supports the customers by dealing with complex or technical requests, complaints and queries. Often, a Customer Service Specialist is a point of escalation for ongoing customer problems.

A good Customer Service Specialist will have a broad knowledge of company products or services and have good organisational and IT skills to be able to deal with enquiries as efficiently as possible while giving the correct information.

What skills do I need to become a Customer Service Specialist?

A desired skill for this apprentice role is to be able to demonstrate continuous improvement and a future focussed approach to customer service. This includes decision making and providing valuable recommendations or advice.

Being able to resolve complex issues by choosing from and successfully applying a wide range of approaches. This is a highly desired skill for the role as there will be many unique scenarios that may require a unique approach. Another skill that would be useful for this role is the ability to find the best solutions that meet your organisations needs as well as the customers requirements.

Providing the customer with a positive experience especially taking care when dealing with complaints is another skill the applicant will need to show and develop while in this role. This will involve keeping a calm and professional manner while speaking with frustrated customers and using clear explanations, providing options and solutions to help influence the customers choices to move the interaction forward to the next steps.

What is the duration of the apprenticeship?

The Customer Service Specialist apprenticeship will take a minimum of 15 months to complete depending on the apprentice’s experience.

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What are the Customer Service Specialist entry requirements?

Organisations will typically set their own entry requirements for the role and are more likely to select applicants with more advanced inter-personal skills and some experience of working with customers. You must also achieve a Level 2 in English and Maths before taking the end point assessment at the end of the course.

What are the ideal behaviours/attributes for an applicant?

The ideal behaviours and attributes for an applicant of the Customer Service Specialist apprentice role are as follows:

  • The ability to proactively keep up to date with industry practise, product knowledge and other key skills is an ideal attribute to have in this role.
  • To have the ability to personally commit and take ownership of their actions to resolve the customers issues to satisfy the customer and organisation.
  • The applicant must be able to work effectively within a wider team and be able to collaborate with others within your team and the wider business.
  • The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate commitment to the brand, company values and beliefs when dealing with customer requests to build trust, credibility and satisfaction.

Business Knowledge and Understanding

To be an effective Customer Service Specialist you will need to have good business knowledge and understanding about your organisation and how it works. You will also need to understand the importance of continuous improvement and what that means in a service environment and how recommendations can look and impact the organisation.
A good Customer Service Specialist also understands the value of their role in the organisation and how it can alter peoples perception of an organisation for the better or worse. Displaying a range of leadership styles is also important as you will come across many different scenarios that may need a unique approach to get the most effective results for the customer and the organisation.

Additional information

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