Marketing Research Executive Apprenticeship (Level 4)

Are you interested in learning on the job? Are you interested in gaining meaningful experience while working? Are you interested in helping benefit a company’s products? Then read on and learn how to become a Level 4 Marketing Research Executive and start a new career or push on in your current career.

Entry Criteria for the Marketing Executive Apprenticeship

In this role, you will be in education while on the job. This provides an opportunity for you to earn a useful qualification, while also working and earning. Most employers will require that you have 2 to 3 A levels or the equivalent level 3 qualification in college for this role. Typically, they also require you to have 5 GCSEs including English and Maths GCSE. However, employers may also take you on if they feel like you will be an attribute to the team even without these qualifications. This is why apprenticeships can be a good option as you can learn these things while on the job!

Key Responsibilities of a Marketing Research Executive Apprentice

  • Researching statistics and data.
  • Selecting a sample of demographics to target.
  • Researching social trends
  • Analyse data to asses consumer’s opinions on the quality of goods.
  • Creating surveys.
  • Monitoring the progress of surveys.
  • Managing budgets.

Benefits of Choosing an Apprenticeship

There are many benefits of apprenticeships. If you are looking to become an apprentice or even just looking for a start in a career change then there this may be for you. For an apprentice, the major benefit of taking an apprenticeship is that you can work while gaining a qualification. You can earn whilst also benefitting yourself and your workplace. After you have finished your apprenticeship you can also get a full-time place at your place of work or even push on and take on a further apprenticeship.

There are also benefits of having apprentices for employers. Employers can get funding from the Government / large corporate businesses through the levy system. Large corporate businesses can potentially fund apprenticeships through the levy scheme as seen here.

Daily Work

In your daily work, in this occupation, you will interact with internal teams such as research, sales, marketing, IT, product development, finance, HR, legal and Operations. (Operations is the part of the research function that undertakes data collection, coding, data processing and data delivery to the research teams for analysis and reporting.) You will also interact with external stakeholders, including members of the public, clients, service providers, agencies, the media, local and central government and research participants. You are expected to work independently on certain duties and as part of the wider office-based research team on other duties including day-to-day responsibility for leading elements of a research project.


In conclusion, irrespective of whether you are a company or an individual looking to go through an apprenticeship, Apprentice Now has plenty of apprenticeships that could suit you. For further advice or information for both employers & individuals whether or not you’re looking to enrol or employ ApprenticeTips has everything you need. If you have a passion for researching data, marketing trends & analysis of numerical data then this role could be for you.

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