Two sides of the same coin – Apprenticeships and University

What is an apprenticeship?

Contrary to a university degree where you typically attend lectures and seminars, an apprenticeship can be summarized as extended learning alongside real world working. Apprenticeships are also referred to as trainee ships.

What apprenticeships are available?

There are 532 different apprenticeship standards across a field of different areas, the same areas that consist of the working fields such as health, creative, agriculture and more.

How to find an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can be found through many different apprenticeship agencies working across the country online. Some work in specific fields while others operate bringing apprenticeships for multiple different areas. Here at ApprenticeshipTips not only do we provide guidance in the world of apprenticeships but we also provide apprenticeship standards across 10 different areas ranging from data analyst to funeral directors.

NHS apprenticeships are the only apprenticeships available through one network and that is with the NHS. Apprenticeships can also be found through the government on the gov website online.

How valuable is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are differentiated through their levels ranging from level 3 to level 7. A level 3 apprenticeship is equivalent to approximately 2 A-levels. A level 4 apprenticeship is equivalent to a undergraduate degree of higher national certificate. And level 5/6/7 apprenticeships are equal to a foundation degree/bachelors/masters respectively.  

What can ApprenticeshipsTips do for you?

Over at ApprenticeshipTips you can learn about apprenticeships as a whole and also about the individual standards we provide. Through our website over at you can find what we can offer you!