Thinking about a Rail Operator Infrastructure Apprenticeship?

What does a Rail Infrastructure Apprenticeship involve?

A Rail Infrastructure Operator (RIO) apprenticeship typically involves training individuals to work in various roles related to the maintenance and operation of railway infrastructure. This can include maintaining tracks, signalling systems, overhead lines, stations, and other elements critical to the safe and efficient operation of a railway network.

  1. Track Maintenance: Apprentices may learn to inspect, repair, and maintain the tracks to guarantee smooth and safe train travel.
  2. Signalling Systems: Understanding and maintaining signalling systems is vital for preventing accidents and ensuring trains run on schedule.
  3. Overhead Lines: Apprentices might work on the electrical infrastructure, including overhead lines that power electric trains.
  4. Station Operations: Some apprenticeships may involve working in railway stations, learning about customer service, ticketing, and station maintenance.
  5. Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount in the rail industry. Apprentices are trained in safety procedures and protocols to minimize risks.

What can you achieve after completing a Rail Infrastructure Apprenticeship?

  • Control Room Operator
  • Service Controller
  • Signaller
  • Station Control Manager
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Traffic Manager
  • Train Service Control Manager
  • Train Service Manager

How will you be assessed a Rail Infrastructure Apprentice?

  • Practical assessment with questions
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence