The Key to Being a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Image of digital marketing resources and illustrated over the top of the image are the key areas of digital marketing
The key areas of digital marketing 

Top 7 Technical Aspects of Being a Digital Marketing Apprentice

As a digital marketing apprentice, you are required to understand multiple tasks and will be assessed on your subject knowledge in the following key areas; social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), email marketing and more. But, what technical competencies must you show as an individual to be successful in this ever-changing industry? This article will cover some of the key skills, we believe, you must have to ready you for success in the digital marketing industry and why they are so vital to have.

Written Communication – 

As a digital marketing apprentice, you must be able to show that you can communicate well across multiple platforms and to different audiences in the correct way, whether this is internal to co-workers or in terms of customer service. You must be able to speak and conduct yourself professionally and follow your company’s tone and behaviour as a company representative.  

This is a key part to your success as a digital marketer, as it is vital to show a good level of written and spoken communication. This is something future employers WILL be looking for; they need to have trust in you to speak on behalf of their company. 

Research – 

You need to do your research; research is the key to being a good digital marketer. The marketing industry is constantly changing, there are always new trends and the competition is high – can you keep up with that on behalf of the company you work for? Yes, but only if you do your research.  

For you to create a strong, long-term or short-term strategy / campaign and make educated recommendations, you have to identify the industry competitors to stand out against them and make your plan unique to theirs. You must understand your company’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to know where to make improvements. If you don’t keep on top of trends in the industry, it is easy to fall behind. For this reason and many more, it’s key to do your research. 

Customer services – 

Customer services is a vital skill to have. You must be able to respond to costumers in a professional manner and best advise them in a polite, informative way based on your company tone across multiple platforms. As a digital marketer you will be exposed to many situations where you will be required to communicate with customers on behalf of the company you work for, therefore this is a skill you must be able to demonstrate well. 

Analysis – 

When working in digital marketing you are required to create analytical dashboards of data on relevant platforms, such as, google analytics or data studio. You must understand that data so you can present and explain your reports to your co-workers, clients or manager. This is definitely one of the most important skills to have to better your next campaign/strategy.  

Interprets and follows – 

The digital marketing industry is forever changing with new trends, algorithms and industry standards – you must keep on top of these to be successful and keep your company ‘ahead of the game’ or it would be easy enough to fall behind in the competitive industry of marketing.  The monitoring of the changing industry will help you design unique plans to continue the growth of the business. 

Problem solving – 

In any job, this is a key skill to have; being able to identify and solve problems on your own or as a team is imperative. When implementing your plans or when new trends come into play, not everything will go to plan all of the time. You need to monitor campaigns, strategies and the industry closely so you can spot the risks/problems and find a solution to them. 

Technologies – 

As a digital marketer you will have to use many technologies/digital tools to complete tasks that are assigned to you. It is also important to use/have knowledge of these tools to help make your job easy, more efficient and to keep on top of your takes. For example, using Hootsuite (a multi-platform management tool) is useful for controlling all of your accounts in one place; from there you can schedule posts, add your hashtags etc for all different social medias. This is a better than using apps separately. You are also, able to schedule in advance and having time to put your time elsewhere. 

Digital marketing apprentice skills – Takeaway 

Image of Successful digital marketer working in a coffee shop
Successful digital marketer working in a coffee shop 

It is important to have the training and knowledge of a digital marketer, but developing the following skills is essential for making you successful in the marketing industry. For example: written communication, research, technologies, analytics, customer service, problem solving and interprets and follows. 

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