Technical aspect required for a Level 3 digital Marketing Apprenticeship

When undertaking a Level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship you will be required to understand a range of different technical aspects. This can be challenging for a new apprentice however in this blog I have broken down a few of the technical, skills and knowledge required which will be required in order to gain your qualification and they ways in which you can develop these skills helping you succeed in your digital marketing career.

Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship''

Understanding SEO is key for your Apprenticeship

Firstly, you will be required to understand how SEO works and what are the best practices you can use to help improve your company’s SEO, this at first may seem scary to a newbie digital marketer however here are few tips which helped me. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, explained simply this is the process of optimizing a website with relevant information and data to improve a company’s search rank. One easy way of improving SEO is by including as many keywords as possible on the website. There are so many different websites which can help you easily check your company’s SEO, I personally liked to use … when I was undertaking my apprenticeship in digital marketing so would recommend this one to any newbies. Not only this social media is ever changing meaning a lot of the technical aspects will change and develop therefore you will need to be able to understand how to find out new trends and developments within the industry and how new practices can be beneficial. There are range of different social media pages which share recent developments here are list of my top 3 accounts to follow Socialstauk, digitalmarketingtrending and Gary Vee. Excitingly we here at Apprentice Tips also have a mailing list which in the next coming weeks we will begin to share more about the latest developments within this field, so head over to our main page after finishing this blog and sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out and if you are already subscribed then keep your eyes peeled for some great new content.

Google Analytics

Another technical aspect you will be required to understand is google analytics this is because not only will you need to show you know how to use google analytics as part of your competencies document you also will need to take a test on google analytics as part of 1 of the 3 exams you are expected to take. Therefore, it’s really important you are able to use Google Analytics effectively as this is such a key technical development within your apprenticeship, from being able to understand basic data such as page views to being able to create reports regarding your company within Google Analytics. Again at first this may seem overwhelming however google analytics is actually very cool and insightful tool it really does help you get a better insight in your how your business is performing. Therefore doing research on google analytics is key in making sure you become a digital marketing whizz, I would suggest getting used to the app first and then taking some of the amazing and insightful mock test they have to offer. Not only this but over on Googles Analytics official YouTube account they have so many insightful videos for beginners.

Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship''

Overall being a newbie in the digital marketing world at first can be scary with all the technical aspects required, however the more you develop your skills and knowledge within this field you will become an expert in no time and most importantly remember as an apprentice you are not alone !! your tutors are there to provide you with all the support that you need so if you ever feel lost or unsure always reach out to your tutors and they will be happy to help.

Good luck on your Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and hope to see you again on our next blog post.