Level 2 Arborist Apprenticeship

Young arborist outside with trees
Young arborist outside with trees – FreePik

Do you have a passion for tree maintenance and are looking to launch a career in tree care? If you answered yes to these questions, a level 2 Arborist Apprenticeship could be the perfect fit for you!

Jobs and entry criteria for the level 2 Arborist apprenticeship

The arborist apprenticeship provides opportunities for apprentices to learn the skills required for a successful career in tree care. Through this program, you’ll gain expertise in pruning, felling, and maintaining trees in various locations on a daily basis. The skills developed won’t just be limited to your apprenticeship; they will prepare you for job roles like an Arborist Specialist, Tree Surgeon, and many others roles.

If this still interests you, you will be happy to know that there are no entry requirements for this job role, although you must hold an English and Math’s qualification before you can pass your gateway assessment.

Arborist roles and duties!

Listed below are some of key roles and duties that you will be carrying out while doing this Arboris apprenticeship.

  • Be able to name trees by their common names.
  • Complete arboricultural operations safely, using the correct equipment in accordance with guidelines and training, including the transfer of equipment to colleagues.
  • Promote safe working practices at all times and ensure that all equipment is safe to use.
  • Carry out onsite risk assessments and use outcomes to put in place measures to help ensure the safety of work colleagues and members of the public.
  • Climb and conduct aerial arboricultural operations from a rope and harness to industry best practice standards.
  • Perform aerial rescue of colleagues from a rope and harness in emergencies.
  • Fell and process trees safely.
  • Use specialist machinery to manage and process brush wood.
  • Carry out formative pruning to young trees to form good canopy structure.
  • Carries out target pruning to mature trees.
  • Operate duties in a way that minimises impact upon the environment including safe and efficient use of fuels/oils, the correct handling and disposal of waste materials and sterilisation of tools and boots.
  • Provide good customer service and care at all times.
Tree being pruned by Arborist
Tree being pruned by Arborist – FreePik

Level 2 Arborist Apprenticeship knowledge modules

As an Arborist, you will need to have the knowledge and understanding to carry out your day to day work in a professional and safe manner. Although these modules will help prepare you to pass you apprenticeship, it will also be the foundation of your professional career as an Arborist! Here is a brief overview of some of the key modules:

  • Practicalities of onsite risk assessments.
  • Understanding of Health and safety.
  • PPE requirements for operations.
  • Processing of tree work.
  • Electrical safety for working near power line.
  • Environmental and wildlife legislation.
  • Dealing with incidents and emergencies.
  • Principles of tree planting.
  • How to identify trees.
  • Tree decay fungi and the impacts.
  • Pruning for young trees.
  • Techniques of target pruning for mature trees.
  • identify and manage pests, diseases, and disorders of trees.
  • Benefits of trees for people.
  • Different communication techniques.

Duration of the Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship typical length towards gateway is around 18 months.


As you can see, an arborist apprenticeship is a great starting point for anyone that is passionate about tree care and maintenance. Learning all the skills and knowledge modules will help expand your career options as an arborist. Employers within the tree care industry are eager to onboard apprentices because they are able to shape the next generation of arborists and are keen to see their employees learn about their industry.

If you would like to find out more information about apprenticeships and how they work, or tips on securing an apprenticeship, head to our homepage for the most up to date information about apprenticeships!