Funeral Director Level 3 Apprenticeship [Lincolnshire]

Funeral Director Level 3 Apprenticeship

Are you looking to progress your career as a funeral director but not sure where to start? Then this is the opening for you. Based in Lincolnshire over a 12-month period learn the ins and outs of the processes that go into arranging, conducting, and managing funerals. Not only that you can Earn While You Learn.

What does a Funeral Director do? Is it for you?

Being a Funeral Director is an incredibly important role in the running of a funeral from start to finish. They are the central point of contact, leader of the team and main organiser on the day of the funeral. They have to create a strong working relationship with both their staff and client to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible. Day to day operations include planning and coordinating arrangements and resources for funerals; overseeing pre-funeral checks; ensuring the funeral meets the needs of the client; assisting in the preparation and presentation of coffins and the deceased; delivering third party products and services; pre-need and aftercare services.

What experience do I need to become a Level 3 Funeral Director?

To take part in this Level 3 apprenticeship you must have some previous experience. If you have completed the Level 2 Funeral team member (Arranger or Operative) qualification, then you are eligible to apply. If you have a minimum of 12 months experience in this sector this will also see you eligible to apply.

How long does a Level 3 Funeral Director apprenticeship last?

This Apprenticeship will take place over a 12-month period.

Funeral Director Duties
As a Funeral Director, you will be responsible for arranging, conducting and managing funerals.

What skills are required for a Funeral Director Apprenticeship?

There are nine key factors that you will show over the course of this apprenticeship. All of these factors will follow the Know it, Show it, Live it model. Know It is the knowledge and understanding of the subject. Show it is where you will demonstrate the skills you have learnt. Live it is the day to day behaviours that you have picked up over the 12 months of the course. The nine key factors are the following;

  • Client
  • Reputation
  • Leadership
  • Legal and Governance
  • Personal Development and Performance
  • Products and Services
  • Communication
  • Administration and Finance
  • Funeral

How do I qualify from Level 3 Funeral Director Apprenticeship?

The apprentice will be assessed to the apprenticeship standard using three complementary assessment methods. The assessment methods are not ‘weighted’ in percentage terms as they are all important to demonstrating the apprentice’s performance.

On-Demand Test

This is a 55-minute multiple-choice scenario-based test. It is externally set and marked and will be taken either on the employee premises or off-site. You can be graded with fail, pass, or distinction.

Simulated Scenario

You will be given two scenarios which you will have 20-minutes to plan for before presenting your findings to the endpoint assessor for 5 minutes, there will be a further 5 minutes for follow up questions. This totals one hour’s work. You can be given a fail, pass, or distinction.

Professional Discussion

This is a 75-minute structured discussion between yourself and the endpoint assessor. This will be a talk about your time during the course and how you have met the nine technical requirements over the 12 months. You can obtain a fail, pass, or distinction from this.

The completion of the apprenticeship is dependent on each assessment method being completed and passed. You will then be given your final grade of fail/pass/distinction.

For more a more in-depth look at the nine technical competencies and the three assessment methods please view this PDF Apprenticeship End-Point Assessment Plan – Funeral Director Level 3 [External Link New Tab]

How to apply for Level 3 Funeral Director Apprenticeship

If you are interested in applying for this apprenticeship or have any questions, please get in touch with ourselves via our contact form by clicking here.

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