Level 3 Forest Craftsperson Apprenticeship

Forest Craftsperson Measures a Tree

Do you have a passion for our forests? With the Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship, you can learn how to create, maintain and harvest forests and woodlands so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Read further on to find out how this Apprenticeship can kickstart your career in forestry!

Entry criteria for the Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship

Although normally set by the employer, the entry requirements for the Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship are likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications. Often employers are looking for an enthusiastic apprentice who is the right fit for their organisation – this gives everyone the chance to succeed!

Job Opportunities After Completing Your Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship

The Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship will provide you with a range of forestry-related job opportunities. Below shows the range of jobs in the forestry industry that you could enter upon completing your apprenticeship qualification.

  • Chainsaw Operator
  • Forest Craftsperson
  • Recreation Ranger
  • Forest Worker
  • Tree Planter
  • Tree Establishment Operative or Contractor
  • Forest Operative
  • Wildlife Ranger

With industry salaries for an entry position of £19,000 per annum reaching around £30,000 per annum for an experienced position, a job in the forestry industry can be a fantastic career choice for those with a passion for the role!

Day-To-Day Responsibilities of a Forest Craftsperson Apprentice

This Level 3 Apprenticeship will equip you with the skills to carry out the practical operations to create, maintain and harvest forests and woodlands. You will learn the full range of forestry operations as well as the environmental, social, and commercial impacts of forestry.

Employers in the forestry industry tend to specialise in either establishment and maintenance of forests and woodlands, or the harvesting of forests and woodlands.

As a Forest Craftsperson Apprentice, you often be working with minimal supervision and meeting deadlines on your own. You will be responsible for completing work to specification and quality requirements accordance with legislation, environmental, health, safety and welfare considerations.

Forest Craftsperson Inspects a Sapling

Forest Craftsperson Level 3: Your Duties

As part of the Occupational Standard, the apprentice will be expected to:

  • Implement legislation, guidance and policies
  • Plant trees
  • Clear vegetation
  • Measure and select trees for removal
  • Fell trees
  • Maintain the forest infrastructure
  • Operate tools, equipment and machinery
  • Monitor and control pests, diseases and disorders
  • Maintain digital records and reports
  • Communicate with a range of stakeholders
  • Use geographical tools such as GPS, maps and plans

An apprentice specialising in Establishment and Maintenance will be expected to:

  • Manage vegetation (i.e. pruning)
  • Maintain trees (i.e. weeding and respacing)

An apprentice specialising in Harvesting will be expected to:

  • Harvest tree and prepare for timber extraction
  • Extract timber

Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Assessment Methods

To demonstrate your competency as a Forest Craftsperson Apprentice, you will be required to complete a number of assessments throughout your Level 3 apprenticeship to achieve your qualification. These include:

  • Practical assessment with questions
  • Multiple-choice test
  • Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio of evidence
  • End-point assessment (EPA)

To find out more information on preparing for your End-Point Assessment, please check out our EPA interview guide!


As shown, the Forest Craftsperson Level 3 Apprenticeship is a fantastic qualification for anyone looking to enter into the forestry industry. The apprenticeship will equip you with a brilliant skillset allowing you to confidently enter a wide range of disciplines within the forestry industry. Employers within the forestry industry are keen to recruit apprentices that have a passion for forests and woodlands and are eager to learn new skills.

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