Skills gained on Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

Thinking of doing a digital marketing apprenticeship and want to know what kind of skills you will gain? Look no further.

As a digital marketer apprentice, you will gain a wide range of skills that are transferable to other sectors along with specialist digital marketing skills. By hiring you as a digital marketing apprentice, your employer will commit to allowing you to run a number of digital marketing campaigns. This will include different types of campaigns over a variety of platforms including social media. You will develop written communication skills for general planning and collaboration as well as for engaging targeted audiences through digital campaigns.

In addition to running campaigns, you will get to look at campaign performance data and perform analysis to spot customer trends and behaviour. By using a number of digital tools and platforms to look at campaigns, you will understand how to optimise current and future campaigns by seeing what has and has not worked well.

Customer service and relationships should form an important part of any digital marketing role. Employers that hire an apprentice have committed to allowing them to answer customer enquiries over at least three digital platforms. Social media must be used to answer customer enquiries and both internal and external customers should be considered. Digital marketer apprentices are also encouraged to develop an array of problem-solving techniques that can be used to deal with customer and investigate campaign success.

A level 3 digital marketer apprentice must cover at least two of the specialist areas in digital marketing, which are: search marketing, SEO, PPC, web analytics & metrics, mobile apps or email marketing. When learning about these specialist areas, you will gain the skills needed to optimise campaigns using the data and lessons learned. These specialist areas are also part of the knowledge element of the apprenticeship. With this in mind, all good training providers and employers will make sure that you fully understand them and that you are ready for end-point assessment.

A digital marketer apprentice will need to gain exposure to using a wide range of industry standard marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, Bing Ads, Mailchimp, WordPress, Canva, Pocket, Unsplash, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweetdeck and many more. You will also need to look at using business tools such as Excel or customer relationship management systems to analyse data in more detail. Alongside this, general office communication tools will be used to deal with internal and external stakeholders.

As you can see the digital marketer apprenticeship will give you an excellent grounding in the skills and tools need to be a well rounded digital marketer and valuable employee. Whilst the apprenticeship itself does include a wide range of digital marketing skills, many apprentices will move towards becoming a specialist in a particular area of digital marketing after they have mastered the basics. This is an excellent apprenticeship and there is the opportunity to progress and gain a degree in the same field by doing the Digital Marketer Integrated Degree after completing the level 3 apprenticeship. Interested? Look for apprenticeship jobs in digital marketing through the government website or trusted training providers and employers. Best of luck with starting your career in digital marketing!