Principles of Coding: Level 3

Course Description and Objectives

The course will give to the apprentices the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles of coding. There are mainly 4 areas the apprentices will get an understanding on:

  • Appreciation of logic
  • Software languages
  • Code compatibility on different platforms
  • Components involved to make the Web work

Here below you can find some additional information about the 4 areas covered in the Principle of Coding course:

  • Appreciation of Logic:
    • Useful to understand the basics of logic and logic gates such as and- or- not.
  • Programming languages:
    • Hypertext markup language (HTML), Javascript (JS), Java.
  • Interaction and compatibility of code on different platforms:
    • How to identify LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and XAMPP (Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Perl) Stacks
    • How to share different files formats across different platforms: PDF, HTML, Images (GIF, JPG, PNG), Video (Mpeg), Audio (Mp3)
    • How to create and protect feeds (using API keys).
  • Web components:
    • Define the terminology for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets layer (TLS/ SSL)
    • Discuss the scope of web and application server, hosting, database management system and content management systems.
    • Describe Search engines functions in regards to mark up languages, crawlers and search engine optimisation (SEO).
    • Define how cookies work and when are needed.
    • Roles of 2 key goernance groups: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Course Format, Duration and Examination

There are no specific pre-requisites to start the course. Therefore all the apprentices need to attend the full course in order to pass the exam and get the coding qualification. The estimated total qualification time is 50 hours.

The format for the exam is a one-hour multiple-choice examination consisting of 20 questions. No materials are allowed during the exam as it is a closed book one and the minimum required to pass the exam is 13/20 (65%).

My experience

I found it incredibly useful and I would recommend it to everyone. Before starting the course, I didn’t have any type of understanding of coding but I attended all the lessons, studied every day the material shared from the teacher and obtained my qualification.

I would recommend all the apprentices to follow carefully all the lessons, to do all the activities step by step and to ask as many questions as possible to the teacher. I found the teacher well prepared, keen on helping all the attendees and open to all the questions.

"Coding language.jpg"

If you are interested in starting a career in Digital Marketing, broadening your knowledge in the principles of coding and obtaining a coding qualification this course is a fundamental pillar. The Level 3 Award in Principles of Coding will give you the opportunity to pursue a career as a web developer, database administrator, computer programmer and computer system analyst just to name some.

If you want to have a better understanding of the course you can read the Full course brochure.