Level 7 Physician Associate

Have you ever wanted a dynamic fast paced role in the world of medicine? If you do, read on to find out more about the Level 7 Physician Associate degree and begin your journey for an illustrious career.

The Occupational Profile of a Physician Associate

Physician Associates collaborate with doctors and other medical supervisors daily meaning that you will be confiding with doctors, nurses and receptionists for advice and assistants if necessary.

The Occupational Profile of a Physician Associate

As Physician Associate you will hold a crucial role working amongst registered doctors and be an integral part of the healthcare team. You will have the opportunity to work in GP surgeries, accident and emergency departments, care homes and hospitals.

Responsibilities of a Physician Associate

Although not quite the same as doctors:

  • take medical histories from patients
  • perform evidence based physical examinations on patients
  • make clinical decisions based on patient centered assessments
  • determine the direction of patient management and care
  • formulate, implement, and critically evaluate a patient management plan
  • perform specialised diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • request and interpret specialised diagnostic studies for patients
  • build and sustain the clinician-patient relationship
  • provide health promotion and disease prevention advice to patients
  • develop and mentor other health care professionals (including other PAs in training)
  • produce records of clinical decision making and actions
  • adhere to information governance requirements

What is required of a Physician Associate?

Like Doctors, your primary role will be to responsibly help people in need. You will need to be caring, compassionate, honest, conscientious, and committed. You need to treat every individual equally with respect to diversity and inclusion.

How to become a Physician Associate

To become a Physician Associate you will complete a Diploma or MSc in Physician Associate Studies. If you do not have a Level 2 English and Maths, you will need to achieve this level prior to completing the end-point assessment.