Level 7 – Operational Research Specialist

Operational Research Specialists are an integral role in any business, big or small! Ready to take your problem-solving to the next level?

Overview: What is an Operational Research Specialist?

With this role of an Operational Research Specialist, you can work in a variety of businesses not only to help plan and organise methods to reduce costs, and maintain high-standard business practices but also even save lives! From small-scale businesses to large sectors of the industry, this job helps to research plan, and implement strategies to solve dynamic workplace problems.

Skills Required for Operational Research

In order to work in this field, you need to be a strong independent worker with an eye for quality assurance of your own and others’ work. High levels of organisation but with the expectation that your routine will be flexible on the day-to-day. Confidence in socially interacting with clients and field experts to produce the best possible results. Have an eye for detail when it comes to testing. Be a secure leader and hence manage a team through projects. Be data literate in order to create statistically driven questions.

Main Roles:

Becoming an operational research specialist, you will:

  • Evaluating current methods and practices
  • Managing as well as overseeing projects
  • Collaborate with field experts to reach solutions
  • Interpret data to inform recommendations
  • Quality Assure your own and other’s work
  • Efficiently establish client’s needs into data-based questions
  • Competence in using software to address client’s needs
  • Create established plans to guide your team through

Qualifications needed:

Level 2 English as well as maths is required before EPA. If the applicant has an education, health and care plan, or legacy statement then the minimum for Maths and English is level 3.

British Sign Language is also accepted by for those whom it is their main language.

Additional Course Details:

This is a level 7 apprenticeship spanning over 24 months. After 3 years, you are submitted for review against the apprenticeship standard.

Conclusion: Is This The Course For You?

If you are thinking of applying, reach out today! Alternatively, find out more here.