Level 6 Registered Nurse Apprenticeship

Embark on an exciting nursing career as a Registered Nurse, offering a number of opportunities in various roles. Registered nurses play a vital role in teams dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of patients while working alongside other healthcare and social care professionals. With specializations available in adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health, and learning disabilities you can choose what’s right for you. Start your journey toward a rewarding nursing career today!

Responsibilities For A Level 6 Nursing Apprentice

As a Registered Nurse, your role will involve assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care, always prioritizing the needs of patients.

Some of your responsibilities could include:

  • Demonstrating leadership qualities, regardless of your specific role, and you may even have the opportunity to manage and lead colleagues.
  • You will be responsible for your knowledge and skills remaining up-to-date,
  • Supporting the growth and development of learners and new professionals entering the field.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of your actions.
  • Respond autonomously and confidently to planned and uncertain situations.
Healthcare practitioner apprenticeship student nurse holding the shoulder and laughing with an older woman

Entry Requirements For Registered Nurse Degree

The NMC approves institutions that can provide nurse education and set standards for programs that lead to registration as a nurse in the UK. NMC standards also incorporate the requirements of the EU directive that governs the free movement of nurses within the European Economic Area.

Degree in Nursing. Prior to commencement apprentices will have their numeracy and literacy skills assessed by the NMC Approved Education Institution to ensure the apprentice has the necessary skills at a minimum of Level 2 to meet the requirements of the programme.

Professional Registration
On completion of the apprenticeship, you will meet the qualification requirements to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Professional Behaviors Of A Registered Nurse

You will approach people with dignity, valuing their unique diversity, beliefs, culture, needs, values, privacy, and preferences. You will demonstrate respect and empathy towards your colleagues, having the courage to address areas of concern and strive for evidence-based best practices. Additionally, you will exhibit adaptability, reliability, and consistency, while also showing discretion, resilience, and self-awareness. You will exemplify leadership in your actions.

Close up of a nurse's hands holding an older person's hand during their healthcare assistant practitioner apprenticeship

Duration Of The Degree

This apprenticeship is 48 months with a review date after 3 years.


Studying nursing through an apprenticeship enables you to actively put your learning into practice and allows you to develop essential clinical skills. One of the benefits of doing a nursing apprenticeship is that it allows you to enhance your academic and practical skills both at the same time, for more benefits of apprenticeships see this blog post.
Your core values will include being caring and compassionate, honest, conscientious, committed, and passionate about studying nursing.
If you want to start your nursing career today get in contact with us to get your journey started.

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