Level 4 Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist Apprenticeship

If working in the production of a wide range of fashion products interests you, read on. You will learn more about the level 4 Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist apprenticeship in this blog. This course could help you start a new career in the Fashion and Textiles industry.

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About the apprenticeship

The Level 4 Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist apprenticeship is a 22-month course. During the course of this apprenticeship you will oversee the product development cycle at sewn product manufacturers, brands and retailers. You will provide technical support through the product development process and ensure brand samples with specifications are in place. This role is fast paced, you will have to ensure all technical and commercial elements of the product development cycle are up to a high standard. You will be interacting with designers, merchandisers, manager buyers, pattern cutters and quality control managers on a day-to-day basis.

The average Fashion and textiles product technologist salary with a few years of experience ranges from £25,000-£35,000. This proves that this role can be a great career choice, with many opportunities for apprentices after course completion. We will discuss progression opportunities in a later section of this blog.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for this apprenticeship course are typically 5 or more GCSE’s. Alternatively, a level 3 college course or apprenticeship will be applicable. This is completely up to the employer’s discretion if they feel you are a perfect fit for the company, they may decide to employ you with other industry experience. In many instances English and Math’s certificates are required, if you haven’t got this don’t worry, your employer may give you the opportunity to complete these if needed. This is why apprenticeships are a great route to start your career in a new industry as it gives everyone who want to the chance to succeed.

Skills you will develop

During the course of your Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist apprenticeship you will learn a number of durable skills. All skills learned will be essential for you to progress in the Fashion and Textiles Industry.

Examples of skills you will achieve:

  • Learning to evaluate and cost the production of given designs and identify possible constraints
  • Developing samples that meets design, end use and specifications.
  • Analyzing product samples with focus on quality, fit, risk and production processes
  • Confidently carry out product risk assessments
  • Approve samples and allocate sample seal if appropriate
  • Overseeing material and product tests be able to analyze test results
  • Analyse product returns and identify potential solutions
  • Manage quality problems and eradicate potential issues

Progression opportunities

In terms of progression opportunities, you could continue in your employment or progress to a university level. Once the apprenticeship is complete you can look at applying for higher level job roles such as Fashion Merchandiser, Buying manager, Designer etc.

Find more information on this apprenticeship on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website here. Alternatively if you are still interested in a Fashion apprenticeship but feel this role is not for you, check out other courses on our website. See our blog on the Level 3 Fashion Studio Apprenticeship.

A Fashion and Textiles product Technologist apprentice presenting work in a client meeting