Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeships

Digital Industries Apprenticeships

The Digital Industries Apprenticeship Standards are designed by the industry for apprentices employed in a wide variety of different organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Employers that are likely to use the new Standards include:

  • Large IT businesses 
  • The Armed Forces
  • Small and medium-sized specialist IT businesses
  • Large non-IT businesses – hiring it IT roles
  • Small and medium-sized non-IT businesses

The job role of an apprentice varies significantly from one employer to the next.

Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeships

The Level 3 Digital Marketer is a brilliant way to emerge into the world of digital marketing and learn which areas are for you. The course covers many areas including but not limited to:

  • the basics of marketing
  • relationship marketing
  • the customer lifecycle
  • search marketing and SEO
  • digital etiquette  

As part of the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship, there are 3 modules of knowledge that are assessed: Principles of Coding, Marketing Principles and Digital Marketing Business Principle which is assessed in the Google Analytics IQ exam. 

There are also several competencies to meet to achieve a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship, some of these are written communication, research, customer service, using digital tools effectively and more. 


Throughout the apprenticeship, you’ll need to compile a summative portfolio. This provides evidence of the application of knowledge, competence and behaviours to real work projects in the work environment. This is key to ensure the validity of the final assessment decision. 

Employers and training providers will assist apprentices in  assembling their portfolio to ensure that the summative portfolio is complete, that it covers the totality of the Apprenticeship Standard and is done to a satisfactory standard. 

Synoptic Project

The Synoptic Project is an opportunity to present evidence of the competencies required in a business-related project. The project doesn’t need to cover every competence, but must cover a broad breadth of them including the definition, design, build and implementation of a digital campaign across a variety of on-line and social media platforms.

The project is designed to assess apprentices in a consistent way, separate of their particular workplace and their particular role within their company, and is completed outside of day-to-day work pressures.

End Point Assessment 

The summative portfolio and synoptic project are part of the End Point Assessment (EPA). Alongside this process of ending the apprenticeship is the employer reference and an interview with the apprentice. 

The interview is a structured discussion between the apprentice and their independent assessor and focuses on the summative portfolio and the synoptic project, with reference to the employer reference. The purpose of the interview is:

  • clarify any questions the independent assessor has from their assessment of the portfolio and the project
  • explore any comments raised in the employers reference
  • confirm and validate judgements about the quality of work
  • explore aspects of the work, including how it was carried out, in more detail
  • provide further evidence for the independent assessor to make a holistic decision about the grade to be awarded


A level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship is a great way to launch a career in the broad industry, it’s good at providing a clear big picture which allows apprentices to figures which areas they enjoy and which they don’t

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