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Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Level 3

Are you an organised individual? Do numbers click for you? If this sounds like you, delve into the possibilities that await you and read on to discover how the Level 3 Assistant Accountant apprenticeship could take you down a new career path.

Did you know you can achieve full qualification as an Accountant without going to university? An Assistant Accountant apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to kickstart your career right after school – or anytime if you fancy a change in career.

Accountants remain consistently sought after, ensuring a lifelong career in an important role.

Key Program Details

  • Level of qualification upon completion: Level  3 (Equivalent to A level)
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Suitable for: Individuals looking to move into an accountant role

What can you expect to learn?

Enrolling in the Assistant Accountant Level 3 apprenticeship will equip you with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your performance and contribute real value on a daily basis. The program focuses on a thorough understanding of the following, all while instilling ethical accounting principles as an Assistant Accountant:

  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Encompassing tasks such as:
    • Preparing final accounts
    • Advanced bookkeeping
    • Handling indirect and expenditure taxes

By working as an Assistant Accountant, you’ll heighten your ability to work collaboratively and understand how your daily contributions have a direct impact on your business and overall productivity.

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Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship

Entry Criteria

For Assistant Accountant Apprenticeships in the UK at Level 3, the entry criteria is similar to other Level 3 Apprenticeships, requiring a certain number of GCSEs and appropriate English and Maths skills.

As UK Apprenticeships are predominantly focused around on-the-job learning, it is the employers who establish the selection criteria. Typically, an employer looking to recruit an Assistant Accountant Apprentice would require a minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent, including English and Mathematics GCSEs or Functional Skills certifications. The training provider delivering the apprenticeship in partnership with the employer may also have requirements that align with this.

If you’re unsure if you meet the criteria do not let this dissuade you! Some employers and training providers may consider other applicable qualifications and experience, such as a relevant Level 2 qualification.

Apprentices lacking Mathematics and/or English at Level 2 must attain these before undergoing the end-point assessment (EPA) with their training provider.

Duties In Detail

As part of the Assistant Accountant apprenticeship, you’ll actively participate in a range of fundamental responsibilities and duties that shape the basis of your role. The nine duties of an Assistant Accountant Apprentice in the UK include:

  1. Assist with monthly and year end reporting of financial and accounts information. This will include the timely collation of data from a range of sources, such as different functions within one organisation, or a range of external clients if operating in a practice. This includes both foreseeable finance and accounting data requirements and unexpected requirements.
  2. Maintain financial and accounting records including the timely collation of data from a range of sources. For example, different functions within one organisation, or a range of external clients if operating in practice. This includes both foreseeable requirements and unexpected requests, often to tight timescales.
  3. Safeguard against suspicious activities for example anti-money laundering.
  4. Assist with the compilation of accounting and financial records, for example, to inform direct and indirect tax returns under supervision, audit documentation or control account reconciliations.
  5. Deliver financial and accounting information and data to stakeholders to ensure that key messages are communicated.
  6. Assist in the maintenance and use of digital systems by using software applications and packages to support the delivery of accurate and timely financial and accounting information.
  7. Use digital systems safely to ensure that the cyber security of the organisation is not compromised, and data handling legislative requirements are met.
  8. Undertake Continuous Professional Development by keeping up to date with relevant statutory obligations and procedural best practice.
  9. Collaborate with people both internally and/or externally at appropriate levels with a view to deliver a service that meets customer’s needs with a commitment to professional and ethical standards, for example, professional code of conduct and duty of confidentiality as appropriate.

(Source: Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education)

Progressing as an Assistant Accountant

In addition to ensuring comprehensive capability as an Assistant Accountant, this standard lays the foundation for advancing into various career paths within the Accounting sector. These paths may lead to roles such as (but not limited to):

  • Audit Trainee
  • Corporate Recovery Analyst
  • Credit Controller
  • Tax Accountant


Embarking on the journey to become an Assistant Accountant is a lifelong skill that can unlock numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career. Once you’ve earned your Assistant Accountant qualification, you open the door to a world of possibilities. You can explore and thrive in different areas, industries, and sectors, tailoring your own unique journey.

Not quite ready to take the leap into Level 3 or don’t have the required qualifications? Why not check out the Level 2 Accounts or Finance Apprenticeship to take that first step on your career journey.

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Or, contact us today to speak to one of our team of experts for more information or assistance.