Kick-start your learning and development consultant business partner apprenticeship (Level 5)

Do you want to make change to businesses within their learning and development strategy? A level 5 learning and development consultant business partner apprenticeship is the step forward!

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What will the apprenticeship entail?

The purpose of this apprenticeship is to provide learners with the skillset to work generally within learning and development, or in more specialist roles for example: Talent Management. Learners will cover core knowledge, kills and behaviours during their time on this course, allowing them to contribute to improved performance within businesses. The learning and development consultant business partner apprenticeship is a level 5 course lasting (typically) between 18 and 24 months and will allow learners to progress within a Business and Administration route.

How do you know if this role is right for you?

Many jobs require individuals to work professionally and be self-motivated. The learning and development consultant business partner apprenticeship does not differ.

What traits do you need?

  • Be polite and professional in your approach to business relationships (use the language of the business)
  • Take responsibility within your role
  • Confident to implement new strategies
  • You will often have expertise and competence in a specific field whether it be technical, vocational or behavioural.

You will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Constant and curious learner– you can pro-actively seek opportunities and feedback to develop business acumen, improve performance and overall capability.
  • Collaborative partner– show that you are a trusted partner, can act with integrity, ensuring that clients, partners and learners alike feel heard and are confident in their ability to deliver.
  • Commercial thinker– understand and apply the commercial context, realities and drivers behind learning needs and solutions.
  • Constructive challenger-you can skilfully navigate through organisational and personal politics.
  • Passionate and agile deliverer– Be a role model for the learning and development profession, inspiring and galvanising others around learning solutions, ensuring that learning is embedded and delivers ambitious goals, outcomes and timelines.
  • Link the work you do to the context and strategic priorities of the business– measure outcomes and impact of any learning interventions, to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) and expectation.
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Key responsibilities of a level 5 learning and development business consultant apprentice:

  • Present a range of relevant and innovative solutions, logically and with credibility, to gain buy-in from senior stakeholders.
  • Work with senior leaders to carry out succession planning, organisational development and talent pipeline plans.
  • Effectively manage challenging learner and group behaviours.
  • Understand the learning and development structure required to meet business needs and whether this should be in-house, outsourced and how to source specialist expertise when required.
  • Collect data and information, both qualitative and quantitative, to analyse learning needs, implement effective delivery and measure outcomes and impact.
  • Develop an organisational development, learning and development and succession plan, that addresses gaps and fulfils skills, resourcing, talent, and future leadership needs in the partner and business area, accounting for changing internal and external environment, business and learner needs.
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Entry requirements and qualifications.

Level 5 apprenticeships are equivalent to a Higher National Diploma, so this apprenticeship is for self-starters who are motivated within their career journey.

Level 5 courses are designed for those over 18 who ideally have:

  • 5 or more GCSE’s
  • Level 3 college course / apprenticeship (preferred)
  • A-Levels (preferred if above has not been completed.
  • Functional skills (English and Maths) should be completed.

Any experience relevant experience is worthy, even if you do not have the qualifications, you may fit the employers staff profile. The average salary of a qualified learning and development consultant business partner is £41,500 per year (range £35,000-£50,000).

Career Paths for a Level 5 learning and development consultant business partner apprentice.

The learning and development business consultant role is present in a range of organisations whether that be private, public or third sector. The individual works with colleagues who specialise in Human Resources and report to a senior learning and development manager, Head of department or Director.

On completion of this apprenticeship, learners may be eligible for Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) or any other professional body that identifies this apprenticeship within its membership criteria (membership is subject to the professional bodies own membership requirements).


The Level 5 learning and development consultant business partner apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to progress in your Learning and Development career, gaining work-base knowledge and working at a professional level. It is a role that suits someone that is eager to build their skillset across a variety of competencies within the Business Industry. This will also suit someone who can build professional relationships, wants to implement strategy, and is comfortable managing individuals. It is a great job that leads to a gratifying career.

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