Human Resources Support Level 3 Apprenticeship

Does a fast paced, valuable role excite you? Are you organised and enjoy supporting business processes to streamline the teams you work with? You could be the perfect fit for this Level 3 qualification in the role of a Human Resources Support. Keep reading to see if this is the career you could start today!

Overview of the role

This role will involve working in medium to large organisations at the heart of the Human Resources team. In this role you will be providing support and handling day to day tasks, queries and responsibilities while working alongside managers and seniors to support in their needs as a team. Human Resources teams will handle every step of the employee life cycle within an organisation. This includes recruiting/on-boarding, training and development, contracts of employment and resignations.

Job Entry and Qualifications

This role doesn’t require any specific qualifications for entry, other than a level 2 in both English and Math. Meaning it is very accessible to anyone with an interest in this career path. The HR End Point Assessment Plan will give you an outline to the structure of this qualification, its important to read through this document and ensure you are excited about this role.

As a Human Resources Support you will be opening yourself to many job progressions and potential opportunities. This role can lead to managerial leads and senior positions, with the average salary for a HR Manger in the UK today being £49,415 per year. With opportunities to grow your income, experience and connections this role is the perfect gateway to career progression.

This apprenticeship is an 18-24 month course – the specific length will depend on individual circumstance throughout the qualification.

Some knowledge, skills and behaviors you can apply to this role

As a Human Resources Support you will be guided to build and develop these competencies as well as many more. Working in a fast paced and valued sector will push you to develop your confidence in these areas very quickly!

HR Function:
Understands the role and focus of the human resource department. Has a clear understanding of the purpose of the team and is able to apply this to the role.
Problem solving:
Uses sound questioning and active listening skills. Able to identify errors and solutions in situations.
In this role you need to display energy and enthusiasm about your role. You should be prepared to be tested, and be able to face challenges with a positive mindset.
Business understanding:
You should understand the culture and structure of the business. Be able to identify where your team and role fit into the larger picture. As well as understanding the vision and mission of the business.
Consistently supports colleagues and maintains strong relationships with team members.
You should show ability to react positively to changing environments. Also be able to adapt to daily changes in priorities and allocate your time accordingly.

Next Steps

This qualification has a lot of potential for professional and personal growth as outlined in this blog. Becoming qualified as a Level 3 Human Resource Support will kick start your career in a great organisation where you can develop all the skills to continue your career past the end point of the apprenticeship. If you are interested in this qualification or would like to learn more, visit this site for more information!