A Housing and Property Management Assistant Apprenticeship showing a family around a property.

Housing and Property Management Assistant Apprenticeship Level 2

What is a Housing and Property Management Assistant Apprenticeship? 

Firstly, an apprenticeship is education and a job side-by-side. Additionally, you will be gaining a qualification through education while earning a wage. A Housing and Property Management Assistant is a level 2 apprenticeship, which is equivalent to 5 GCSE’s. For this apprenticeship, you are responsible for supporting the administration, creation and sustainment of tenancies and leaseholds in the housing sector, both socially and privately.  

What do you learn? 

As part of this apprenticeship, you learn about communication, administration, as well as the regulations about housing and properties. Additionally, you will learn about the needs of communities, the importance of customer skills and how to deliver them appropriately. IT equipment and software will be a big part of the job, this will be taught during your apprenticeship, and you will be expected to demonstrate these skills in a portfolio for your End Point Assessment (EPA). It is essential that you gain knowledge in the organisation and industry to complete this apprenticeship. Not only will you learn about the customer service side, but you will also learn all the codes of practice, the legal frameworks, as well as the current and historical context of the housing market.  

What do you do on-the-job?  

Although each job role can be different, this position requires you to be a team player. You will often be working closely with colleagues in order to problem solve, take responsibility and plan work. There will be range of tasks to complete as part of your role, including: 

  • Paperwork organisation  
  • Customer surveys  
  • Telephone calls 
  • Arranging meetings 
  • Consultations  
  • Property surveys 
  • Data Administration 
  • Research 

How long is this apprenticeship?  

This apprenticeship is between 12 and 18 months long. Within your first 12 months you will be doing a combination of learning and working. Afterwards, when you have completed these 12 months, you move onto your EPA. Your EPA should take up to 3 months to complete. To learn more about what EPA consists of, read ‘What paths can you take after completing your apprenticeship’.  

What do you need to start this apprenticeship?  

In order to qualify for this apprenticeship, you should have a level 1 in both Maths and English. If you have not completed these before starting, you are expected to pass them by the end of your apprenticeship, as well as take the level 2 exams in Maths and English. However, If you have already achieved your level 1 in Maths and English before starting, you will continue on to the level 2 during your apprenticeship and gain these certificates alongside your level 2 in Housing and Property Management Assistant. 

What paths can you take after completing the Housing and Property Management Assistant Level 2? 

As part of this apprenticeship, you are required to complete an EPA to successfully pass. There are three components during your EPA. These are a case study, a portfolio of evidence that will be developed throughout the assessment process, and an interview. However, the interview will not count towards your overall grade but will confirm the evidence you have put forward. Finally, once you have finished this apprenticeship, you will gain either a ‘pass’ or ‘distinction’ level 2 certificate. Moreover, after completing your level 2, you can apply for the Level 3 Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship.  A level 3 is equivalent to two A-levels. This apprenticeship is typically 18-24 months long. However, if you would not like to move on to the level 3, your level 2 qualifications would lead you to job roles, such as: 

  • Resident involvement assistant 
  • Housing assistant 
  • Neighbourhood assistant 
  • Customer services assistant 
  • Housing administrator 
  • Lettings assistant 
  • Assistant property manager  
  • Lettings negotiator 
  • Revenues assistant 
  • Repairs assistant 

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