Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – The 12 Competencies

Digital Marketing Competencies

Have you recently started or thinking about starting a Digital Marketing apprenticeship? In today’s social age digital marketing has become one of the most popular and rewarding apprenticeships that are offered. It’s not quite sitting on Facebook and Instagram all day liking pictures of cats all day. It’s an incredibly detailed course that will see you follow 12 technical competencies over the length of your apprenticeship. This article will highlight those technical competencies and what they mean for your during your time as a Digital Marketing apprentice.

Written Communication

Written communication can come in several different forms, especially as a digital marketer. The way you communicate with clients and potential customers is key to the success of your role. This can include emails, newsletters, and blog posts. Different brands and campaigns will require you to use different tones. For example, a B2B (Business to Business) company will have a different tone to a B2C (Business to Consumer) Company.


Before creating any piece of content, you need to make sure that it is well researched. Your research should help form the basis of your content/campaign with clear trends identified. You research should be across a range of platforms and places to avoid any bias if researching a topic. Likewise, if researching anything internally it should be over a long enough period for fairer results.


During your role as a digital marketer you will have to prove you can use a wide range of technologies. These technologies need to help aid the current thing you’re working on and help achieve your current objectives. You must have a knowledge base of several technologies and know which is the best one to use for each task.


Everything that you do as a digital marketer should be data-driven. You should review and analyse previous data to help form the path you take during your current objective. The data that you discover should allow you to provide you with the reasoning behind new recommendations and insights going forward. Data will allow you to provide clear and more reputable ideas.

Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the most important things for a company. Providing excellent customer service will make your company more reputable and increase the chance of referrals. When replying to customers you should be professional match your brands’ tone of voice. You should be able to respond across a range of platforms.

Problem Solving

When problem-solving rather than just guessing the solution you should apply a structured technique to finding the resolution. The problem needs to be analysed allowing you to come up with the best course of action to solve that issue. Different problems and resolution should be across a range of digital platforms.

The 12 Digital Marketing competencies
These are the 12 competencies you will be marked on during your apprenticeship


Analysis will tie into nearly every other technical competency. Not only should you understand different forms of analysis and be able to find conclusions from this you should also be able to create your own analysis too. This should come across a wide range of digital tools.


Every task that you get assigned must be implemented in a certain way. To be successful when implementing a task, you must make sure that you use the correct tools for that assignment. The more knowledge you have of different digital tools the higher chance of good implementation.

Specialist Areas

While you should have at least a basic knowledge of the following specialist areas you should be able to apply two confidently;

  • Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Metrics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Pay-Per-Click

Digital Tools

As a Digital Marketer, digital tools should make up the core of your knowledge base. You should have a wide range of tools available to you both free and paid. Each tool should help you achieve the technical competencies listed in this article. Being able to select the correct tool for the task at hand with reasoning why will show you’re competent using digital tools.

Interprets and Follows

You should always be looking to improve yourself as a Digital Marketer. You can do this by showing you can interpret and follow the following four things;

  • Latest developments in digital media technologies and trends
  • Marketing briefs and plans
  • Company defined customer standards or industry good practice for marketing
  • Company, team or client approaches to continuous integration


The advantage of apprenticeships is that you earn while you learn. This means you will be working in a business environment and you must adhere to a businesses’ standard and become a product of your environment. You must work effectively and hold a professional standard at all time, in your own, customers and industry environment.

Your journey to becoming a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Well, it may have just started right here… As the world becomes more digitally-driven becoming a Digital Marketer may be one of the most rewarding things you can do right now. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of the skills that you will need and learn over the process of becoming a qualified Digital Marketer.

Does becoming a Digital Marketer sound like something that interests you? Do you have any questions about your current digital marketing apprenticeship? Want to know more? Please feel free to get in touch with ourselves via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! Your journey to “earn while you learn” just began here!