data analyst occupational brief

Data Analyst occupational brief

One important aspect of completing the level 4 data analyst apprenticeship is to properly prepare for end-point assessment. A good training provider will share key documentation with you such as the occupational standard, assessment plan and occupational brief. It is important to understand the data analyst occupational brief as this provides the detail on what is expected at EPA. To succeed on the apprenticeship, good apprentices will ensure that they meet the minimum requirements as per the occupational brief.

This is supported by the fact that the assessment plan for the data analyst apprenticeship states that:

The completed portfolio will be assessed against the requirements summarised in the standard and set out in detail in the occupational brief.

Therefore, all good apprentices will consider the full detail outlined in the data analyst occupational brief. The occupational brief described each of the competencies in full detail and gives examples of the types of work that should be included in a portfolio. Using the competency on: Collect and compile data from different sources as an example, the occupational brief will outline the minimum requirement as follows:

Compiling data in preparation for analyses is a core part of data analysis and can involve manually compiling data from multiple sources including: databases, spreadsheets, reports

It’s this type of detail outlined in the data analyst occupational brief that an independent assessor will be looking to see in the portfolio, synoptic project and professional discussion. Our overview of the level 4 data analyst apprenticeship provides detail of the core competencies but the full detail of the occupational brief needs to be included when referencing the core competencies. The occupational brief outlines what needs to be covered for the what to achieve one of the higher grades. In addition to this, it includes the scope of what is required for the how and with whom to work towards one of the higher grades.

Below we have shared the occupational brief to download. Understanding this in relation to the competencies and the what, how and with whom is essential. Only focusing on the occupational standard would be a mistake as the assessment plan clearly outlines the need to consider the occupational brief.

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