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An engaging and dynamic route to a prosperous career in the construction sector is provided by apprenticeships in the field. This is your chance, as an ambitious apprentice, to learn under the guidance of seasoned professionals while gaining practical experience and developing useful skills. Apprenticeships are a wise investment for employers because they give your business access to a pool of highly qualified and motivated candidates. You can ensure the future of your company and mould the next generation of construction professionals by providing apprenticeship programmes. Employees already in place, think about the room for advancement in your existing position. Aside from helping you grow professionally, apprenticeships also give you the chance to upskill and adjust to the changing needs of the construction industry. Whether you’re excited to get started on your path, seeking to invest in skill.Construction apprenticeships offer the keys to a brighter future in this dynamic profession, whether you’re eager to get started on your route, hoping to invest in skills, or looking to expand your existing career. Please get in touch for additional information and advice if you’re interested in finding out how to teach and mentor people as an apprentice.


Construction apprenticeships are a win-win situation for both companies and employees, as seen by the remarkable 76% rise in staff retention rates. Whether you live in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester, or any other place, you may readily access a pool of competent and motivated workers due to the availability of construction apprenticeships in your area. These apprenticeship programmes like Apprentice Now provide companies a disciplined approach to developing talent, enabling them to invest in the long-term development and competence of their workforce in addition to hiring committed individuals. Companies can benefit from lower turnover costs, more experienced staff, and a stronger, more dependable workforce with a better retention rate among personnel taught through apprenticeship programmes.


When looking for an apprenticeship in construction, people often wonder where to begin in order to build a strong foundation in this fast-paced field. Reputable training provider Apprentice Now sticks out as a good fit for your path. They have been known to young people as a great starting point for a lifetime career in the construction industry because of their dedication to providing level 6 construction apprenticeships. The belief held by many ambitious professionals is that their apprenticeships with Apprentice Now have not only given them vital information and abilities, but have also cleared the path for a successful and long-lasting career in the field. Think of Apprentice Now as your mentor when you start your apprenticeship; they provide the knowledge, tools, and encouragement.

” “Apprenticeships are always a good career start – you gain real life experience and build your technical skills. It’s something I’d recommend at a young age – you can always do the traditional university route later down the road”

– current apprentice

Benefits of apprenticeships for internal staff

The many advantages that today’s construction apprenticeships provide to both current employees and prospective apprentices in the field are numerous. Apprenticeships offer seasoned individuals the chance to expand their skill sets and stay up to date with industry innovations. By interacting with apprentices, current employees can assume mentorship responsibilities, imparting their priceless knowledge and experience and promoting an environment of ongoing learning at work. In addition to reviving the current workforce, this two-way interchange of talents and experiences fosters stronger, more cooperative teams. Through apprenticeships, current employees may stay competitive in the fast-paced construction industry, update their expertise, and adjust to new technology and best practises. Both seasoned professionals and those just starting their construction career stand to gain from this win-win situation.

Q: What does an apprenticeship entail?

A: A typical apprenticeship involves on the job training, one day a week apprentice day, mentorship and will need to complete an EPA ( end point assessment ). certification at the end of completion

Q: Is the degree paid for

A: Yes the degree is paid for and you learn while you earn!

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