3 Major Reasons you need Social Media in Marketing

Social Media in Marketing

Social media is at the forefront of peoples minds today with approximately 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021. With so many users worldwide, if you’re not using social media in marketing then you absolutely should be! There’s an array of opportunities for marketing on each social media platform, whether you’re a B2C or B2B. The marketing sector has evolved over the years, especially with the likes of the pandemic pushing tech innovations to surface even faster than before. But what does this mean?

As more of us are working from home, using these tech devices, the marketing sector has had to adapt to these changes, pushing advertisements in other places other than the traditional methods. As an Apprentice Digital Marketer, you will learn the benefits of social media in marketing and how to curate social media campaigns subject to the Apprenticeship Standards.

However for now, we will run through 3 major reasons why you need social media in marketing…

The world is moving to Digital, and so is Marketing

The world is becoming more digital and self serve by the day, with innovations such as Amazon Alexa popping up. However, the 2020 Covid Pandemic had heavily increased the pace of Digital innovation.

Traditional marketing is still existing in the likes of radio, newspapers and billboards however, many sources are moving online. Newspapers and magazines have moved forward with the times and now operate online. They even have their own social media accounts where their audience can comment and re-share articles, which in term is getting lots of engagement and more views than traditional alone.

By being online this opens many more doors to obtaining customer data and behaviours, creating mailing lists, gaining subscriptions and much more than just paper alone: the possibilities are endless!

Social Media Advertising is noticed much more, and considerably cheaper

Although we still see traditional marketing around, it’s something we have all become accustomed to seeing and not being interested. Our mobile devices however, are getting much more screen time, therefore much more attention.

“In 2020, digital advertising spending in the United Kingdom (UK) amounted to 16.47 billion British pounds” – Statista.com

Additionally, social media advertising can be much cheaper than traditional. Some posts across platforms are as cheap as a few pounds with a much higher exposure. Generally, there is a much higher ROI with paid ads.

There are huge benefits to social media advertising, such as:

  • Targeting audiences at granular levels including demographics, behaviours, locations, interests etc.
  • Gaining back data on audiences to cater advertisements to them
  • Analytics on advertisements being so precise you can see how effective your ads are
  • Revising whilst they are active to gain the highest benefits from your ads
  • There are so many different formats of advertisements apart from the standard image

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The rise of short video content – taking the web by storm

In 2021, the most downloaded app is of course, TikTok.

Unless you have been living under a rock the past year, everybody has heard of the video based app taking over the online world. But what does this have to do with social media in marketing?

Many social media platforms are turning to short video based content to follow in TikTok’s footsteps – as it’s success is very clear. What people want to see has evolved over time, and short videos show no signs of slowing down. The fact that TikTok has been the most downloaded app of the year, shows where people are visiting most. So, if you’re not creating this type of content and using it for advertising, you’re most definitely missing out on the 1 billion users alone on TikTok…

Although video content may seem harder to do, is it no doubt more fun to take part in rather than uploading a plain infographic. With the use of trending sounds combined with user participation – short video is so engaging that even the likes of huge corporations such as Innocent Drinks & Ryan Air are getting involved in the fun.

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In short, social media in marketing today is a must. The audience on each platform is so vast there is no excuse NOT to include social media in your marketing plan! Talking of social media…

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Level 2 – Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator Apprenticeship

Mineral processing weighbridge operator

Firstly, Are you ready to kickstart your career in Operations within the Manufacturing world? Do you have great communication and organisation skills and want to put these to valuable use? Most certainly, are you passionate about being a part of a team and providing an important responsibility? If so, consider joining the Level 2 – Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator Apprenticeship and earn whilst you learn and gain experience.

Level 2 – Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator Apprenticeship Job Criteria

The tasks of the Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator will be varied; no day is the same. You will be acting as the ‘go to’ person for the operational site and have responsibilities of specific tasks for example, controlling vehicle movements, contractors, authorised personal and members of the public.

But firstly, what is a Weighbridge Operator?

A Weighbridge Operator in short, is responsible for loading large goods vehicles onto the weighbridge and making sure their load weights are following regulations. Therefore, they are responsible for health & safety of the operation, the logistics and more.

The job criteria typically includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Arranging transport of LGV vehicles and controlling logistics to fulfil the order schedule within time restrictions and shelf life of products
  • Understanding and knowing specific regulations that apply to their operation and be able to stop work if they identify a breach
  • Liaising with customers and providing excellent customer service at all levels (phone and face to face)
  • Communicating effectively with members of staff and hauliers on a daily basis
  • Weighing vehicles into the site via the weighbridge and directing them to the correct locations on site,
  • Weighing and inspecting vehicles that have been loaded to ensure they are correctly loaded and/or secured and fit for the public roads
  • Geographical awareness as well as knowledge of LGV operator rules and regulations
  • Some sites operate 24/7 so shift and night working may be required

What do I need to know to perform this role?

Not sure on what is required to perform the Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator role? Have no fear, we are here to help! To clarify, you are going to have:

  • An understanding of the hazards and risks of operating weighbridge equipment in accordance with company policies and procedures,
  • Knowledge of the importance of health & safety by reporting all potential hazards such as near-misses and dangerous occurrences
  • The importance of minimising fuel/waste and environmental impact of work activities
  • Great communication for every day and emergency situations
  • Product knowledge to be able to perform visual checks and more.
Mineral processing weighbridge operator - Health & Safety

What Skills and Behaviours do I need?

No doubt you will already have a few of these skills and behaviours under your belt, but here is what you need to become a successful, efficient and reliable Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator:


  • Operational
  • Sustainability
  • Planning and Organising
  • Clear Communications
  • Product Knowledge and Company procedures/policies
  • IT and office based skills
  • People Skills – Teamwork and building trusting relationships internally and externally


  • Professional Judgement
  • Commitment to code of ethics
  • Identifying and continuing personal development
  • Commitment to equality and diversity
  • A passion for health, safety and the environment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Proactive in innovation

Read more on the Skills and Behaviour requirements here.

Many skills across different sectors in the working world are transferrable without you even knowing. For instance, having the skills and behaviours above not only will grant you your career path but will guide you through many aspects of life. In addition, it is important to understand that communication and people skills are key. During this Apprenticeship you will learn to become a natural communicator.

Entry Requirements for the Level 2 – Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator Apprenticeship

Above all, there are some requirements to be able to apply for this role to be able to meet regulations within the Manufacturing Industries. An MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Weighbridge Operations must be achieved and for those who do not have English and Maths, this can be taken during the Apprenticeship before the End Point Assessment.

For those who do have prior education, health and care plan or a legacy statement the English and maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3. Please note: British Sign Language qualification is accepted if this is your primary language.


To sum up, the Level 2 – Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator Apprenticeship is a perfect way to jump aboard a Manufacturing Career path, whilst gaining experience and skills that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in earning whist you learn and want to find out more about some of our other approved apprenticeships in the UK then please visit our website.

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