What’s involved in a Digital Marketer apprenticeship

Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship


Level 3 Apprenticeship Digital Marketer – What You Need To Know

As a digital marketer, you’ll be focussed on driving brand awareness and increasing brand reach through focussed digital campaigns and monitoring social interaction and to get there you should consider an apprenticeship!

But what are the main components to ensuring apprenticeship success in this highly competitive industry? Well….

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship: Lets Break it Down – 4 Key Elements

Undertaking this apprenticeship in Digital Marketer means that you embark upon a 2 year, structured programme which will incorporate 4 elements; Summative Portfolio; Synoptic Project; Employee Reference; Interview. Taking each turn below we break down the requirement and expectation of each section.

1.Summative Portfolio

is a collection of real-life projects, displaying the application of all the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the standard. You’ll be required to demonstrate a variety of competencies which include:

  • Written communication – highlight your ability to connect with a range of audiences
  • Research – analysing/interpreting data to inform decision on long- and short-term digital campaigns and strategies
  • Technologies – can confidently use different digital tool across different social platforms
  • Data- Monitor and analysis data that provides useful and helpful insight
  • Customer Service: can respond efficiently and effectively to queries across online and social platforms
  • Problem-solving: can demonstrate structured techniques to problems and can establish adequate resolutions
  • Analysis – ability to create and understand basic dashboards
  • Implementation – can design and implement campaigns across various digital platforms
  • Specialist areas – can demonstrate expertises in areas such as search Marketing, SEO, email etc
  • Digital tools – can demonstrate effective usage of tools across campaigns
  • Interpret and Follows – follows latest digital trends, can follow marketing plans, understands good industry standards and practices

Looks a scary list, but don’t worry as your manager and training provider will be on hand to help your through and make sure you hit all the required skills. Boom!

2. Synoptic Project

This is your opportunity to shine. Here you’ll be tested on your knowledge, behaviours and competencies against a set project carried out in a controlled environment. You’ll not expected to hit all the Knowledge, skills and behaviours, aim to touch on some of the important elements. The reason you are required to do this is to ensure there is consistency across all your work increasing the accuracy of the final assessment mark – can’t be a bad thing!

3. Employer Reference

This gives the assessor your manager’s perspective on how you have performed in the workplace and how you have demonstrated your learning to your everyday tasks and behaviours – might be a good idea to bring in gifts to your manager 😊.

4. Interview

Finally, after all the above has been done and dusted you’ll have your professional interview, but don’t fret! This is an opportunity to wow the assessor, provide further information and to discuss the evidence supplied in more details. Top Tip: Prepare – read through your summative portfolio, go over your synoptic project and swot up on the employee reference.

After completion of the interview, you can sit back and await your result.

What’s Next For A Digital Marketer?

Apprenticeships provides a solid foundation for the role that you have studied. It offers significant opportunities for career advancement and further studies. Upon completion, apprentices can register:

  • On The independent Register of IT Technicians, providing recognition of their competence in applying technical skills in a business environment whilst signing up to a professional code of conduct and behaviours.
  • Join as an Affiliate (Professional) member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing).
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Digital Marketing Terms

Last But Not Least

Tthere was a lot of information there. But if working in Digital Marketing as a Digital Marketer is what you’re after then hopefully the above gives you a snapshot of what’s involved. We’ll shortly be adding this L3 apprenticeship to our ApprenticeTip.com portfolio but until then search our website for all apprenticeship opportunities and be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you’ll be first to know when we go live.

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Level 2 Facilities Service Operative Apprenticeship

Level 2 Facilities Service Operative


Thinking of doing an apprenticeship? Do you possess strong people skills? Enjoy problem solving and generating ideas and solutions across a range of internal teams and external customers? Want a role that is customer-facing, where no two days are ever the same? Then this level 2 Facilities Service Operative apprenticeship could be for you.

Overview and Requirements For The L2 Facilities Service Operative Apprenticeship – 2 years

The Facilities Service Operative apprenticeship provides support to customers and Facilities Management and can cover a range of responsibilities from security and maintenance through to catering, logistics and cleaning services. This role is typically found in residential developments as well as commercial settings such as schools, hospitals and businesses – its a wide-reaching role with opportunities across many sectors, with job functions such as concierge, facilities assistant and workplace coordinator.

Having great people skills is key. The Facilities Service Operative apprenticeship role encounters colleagues across different departments, such as Finance and Procurement, as well as liaises with technical experts and other Facilities Management-related roles such as security personnel, catering and front-of-house staff. Someone in this role may work in small teams or in large groups of up to 500 people – just depends on the size of the contract. So ability to communicate with people at different levels is a must!

English and Maths qualifications form a mandatory part of all apprenticeships. But don’t be put off, you can still join the apprenticeship and study for your Maths and English GCSEs alongside your apprenticeship – with full support! It’s also required that you complete a Level 2 Facilities Services Principles before finishing your apprenticeship, which will be a core focus.

This standard also aligns with the following profession recognition: Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management for Associate

the word study written across 5 dices - each letter per dice

Main Responsibilities:

  • Support delivery of health and safety procedures
  • Provide effective customer service to internal and external customers
  • Maintain soft services (cleaning & catering etc)
  • Gather information to enable continuous improvement to services
  • Deliver front-of-house facilities
  • Support hard functions (engineering and maintenance etc)
  • Maintain and develop competence in the FM industry/sector
  • Support the delivery of FM projects

To help you succeed in your apprenticeship, you’ll be measured across a range of competencies which will not only challenge you, but equip you with the knowledge and skills that are required to help you advance in this role.


This Level 2 Facilities Service Operative apprenticeship offers a great opportunity to learn on the job, gaining valuable insight into a career in facilities and site management that you wouldn’t have access to if you went down the traditional education route – and you get paid! Throughout your two-year course you’ll learn a range of core skills including:

  • Team work
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability
  • Managing range of customers


…any questions? Want to know more? Visit us at ApprenticeTips where you can learn more about this role along with a wide range of other apprenticeships on offer. Or, reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter (don’t forget to share with friends and family).

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