Skills A Digital Marketer Needs

Digital Marketing

The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design build and implement digital campaigns across a number of different platforms, in hopes to create maximum noise for your business or organisation. What makes the ideal digital marketer? Well, we have collected the key skills required to create the best possible candidate for this role.

The skills required to become an innovating Digital Marketer

  • Logical and creative thinking skills
  • Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to work independently and to take responsibility
  • Ability to communication in various situations

1. Logical & Creative Thinking Skills

One of the more predominant skills to have as a digital marketing guru. Having the ability to breakdown analytical data and understanding the figures such as an email marketing campaign on Mailchimp. A digital marketer must suggest reasons a campaign may have succeeded/underperformed by using an open-minded approach and suggesting things which have not been mentioned before. This will allow you to stand out within your role. The ability to solve-problems with a well organised plan of action will deliver the best results in regards to your marketing campaigns.

2. Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

A digital marketer will work closely to Google analytics. Set tasks such as site performance, traffic and organic growth reports can be viewed within google analytics. Depending on the data on display, it is the marketers duty to evaluate this data. If any problems were to come forward, this would mean that the digital marketer would take this into their own hand, being able to solve the problem using initiative.

3. Ability to work independently & take responsibility

The marketing department is always going to change and this is because of external factors such as trends. It is a digital marketers duty to pay close attention to these trends and find ways to implement these into their own work. This is a huge liability but, a responsibility which displays leadership, initiative and awareness. This will definitely impress your marketing manager!

4. Ability to communicate in various situations

Communication is a key skill in which we all know the predominance of however, being able to master communication in various situations is a skill in itself. Some days it is all sunshine and rainbows but, other days may not be as electrifying within the marketing department. Work load maybe getting the better of you and you may feel glued to your seat for hours. Maybe a hostile bug has crashed your site or a hacker has crashed your Instagram page. In a situation like this, it is vital to remain composed.

An Overview

With the right skills in place, digital marketing can be made easy for all!

These key skills will be further sharpened and developed over time during your digital marketing course so do not feel overwhelmed and remember that patience is key and the key is needed for success and success cannot be rushed therefore you must be patient.

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Power Of Today: Level 4 Electrical Power Protection & Plant Commissioning Engineer

Main Image

From undertaking testing, commissioning and maintenance activities on electrical power systems and equipment. Let’s delve into the Electrical Power Protection & Plant Commissioning Engineer apprenticeship a little further.

What is an Electrical Power Protection & Plant commissioning Engineer?

The role of an electrical power protection & plant commissioning engineer requires testing and commissioning electrical power plans and ensuring that any work conducted is done so to a high safety standard, measured reliability, satisfying customers & managing budget requirements. Commissioning will require for one to logically approach builds which comes from individual components through to full system commissioning which can include making equipment live, also monitoring the equipment probity once turned on

You will be working alongside other engineers who will be installing, carrying out multiple testing’s and commission protection systems, showcasing the uprightness of power system plant & impedimenta.

The Apprenticeship Procedure

This particular apprenticeship typically takes 36 months with an end point assessment being held within the last 6 month. The apprentice will be graded based on their performance during the end point assessment, awarded with either a distinction, pass or fail.

Employers must content themselves that the apprentices are prepared for their end-point assessment. Apprentices must exemplify that they meet the following criteria:

  • Achieved English and Maths at level 2 or higher
  • Satisfactory completion of the formal training plan agreed with the apprentice by the employer
  • Sufficient evidence in the form of a work log to allow the apprentice to consistently demonstrate skills, knowledge and behaviours as described in the standard.

End-Point Assessment (6 Month)

A triumphant achievement of the end-point assessment will lead to a final certification of the apprenticeship and demonstrate that the apprentice is fully competent. They must be able to work accordingly with full confidence to conduct tests and commission protection systems, showing the integrity of other power system plant & equipment. They will be taking full responsibility for testing and commissioning on all electrical power projects and ensuring that the work is conducted in a safe and considerate manner.

It uses the following assessment tools:

  • Knowledge assessment (weighting 20%)
  • Technical interview, based upon a worklog which would be compiled within the duration of the course (weighting 40%)
  • An observation of practical work activities (weighting 40%)

The end-point assessment will be concluded over a 6 month period which will commence with a knowledge assessment. The unfinished two end-point instruments can be arranged according to the scheduling/accommodation of resources to enable worthwhile planning.

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