A guide to creating the perfect meta description

A guide to find the perfect meta description

I’m guessing not everyone has thought to themselves “How can I create the perfect meta description?” Well, if you have it’s your lucky day as in this blog piece, we explore the key components to make a great meta description and what NOT to do!

Meta descriptions or meta tags can play a vital role in getting your website to rank high on Google or creating an engaging first piece of content that a potential customer might read to want them to click onto your website.

For those who don’t know what a meta description is, or are just learning about them, it is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines.

So, let’s dive right in and see what makes the perfect meta description…

1. Always create a unique meta description for each page on your website

It might seem quite simple however some people DON’T do this. It can be an easy way to just use the same meta description for a similar webpage, but it just doesn’t work the way you think it would.

It is preferred by many search engines to have unique meta descriptions that are relevant to your webpage. It also gives you an opportunity to specifically explain your webpage in a different way to others.

A guide to find the perfect meta description

2. Don’t exceed the character limit

Exceeding the character limit could have a negative effect on someone clicking on your webpage. You have a character limit of 50-160 before the rest of the content is cut off.  To create a catching and engaging meta description that the user will be able to see all. Nothing puts you off more when a website has the starting point of their website introduction cut in half as you can already tell they haven’t thought about this.

It will be the same with other platforms, but Yoast is a good extension used in Word Press that will automatically turn green or red depending on the length of content and whether you need to cut it down.

3. Input keywords into your meta description

Inputting keywords in your meta description could instantly give you an advantage for search engine optimization (SEO) as the search engine highlights these keywords are ranking high as search terms and can be highlighted in your meta description leading to catch the attention of a user.

SEMrush is a great tool to use when finding the best keywords that are relevant to your topic. They can be included in your meta description and even use in your page content.

4. ALWAYS make it engaging and interesting

This is the step that requires creative thinking. It’s the most important step when creating a meta description as it’s key in engaging the users. As it’s the first bit of information that they would read from your brand before clicking on your website, so it needs to stand out against the rest. Keep it short and snappy that will engage the user to want to click on your website first.


Meta descriptions are sometimes forgotten about however it could be the reason people are clicking on your website against others and why your website is ranking first on a search engine. Hopefully, this blog post can act as a guide and help you when writing your own meta description if you’re just starting out in digital marketing or even refresh your brain!

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General Welding Level 2 Apprenticeship

General Welding Level 2 Apprenticeship

Are you eager to jump into the world of welding? If so, read on to kickstart your career in this industry.

But first, what is welding?

Welding is used significantly and in almost every sector of industry. General welders are a high demand for skilled General Welders in industry areas such as: automotive, marine, transport, general fabrication, construction, and many more.

General Welders produce items like components for cars; ships; rail vehicles; simple metallic containers; and steelwork for bridges, buildings, and gantries.

Skilled, qualified, professionally certified General Welders can work anywhere in the world and provide services in the harshest of environments. For these accomplished professionals, the monetary rewards can be significant.

What skill requirements do you need for the apprenticeship?

  • Produce good quality welds using two welding process/material type combinations
  • Receive, handle, and maintain consumables
  • Attain a qualification in accordance with one of the following standards:  ISO 9606 / ASME IX / BS4872 / AWS D1.1, determined by the employer. N.B. These qualifications are regarded as licenses to practice welding.
  • Achieve quality of work to meet international standards for dimensional and surface inspection (Visual, Magnetic)
  • To prepare and check the welding equipment
  • Complete and check the work ready for inspections
  • To ensure health and safety requirements are reported
General Welding Level 3 Apprenticeship

What knowledge will you gain in this apprenticeship?

  • To be aware of the basic mechanical properties and weldability.
  • To understand the common arc welding processes, joint types, and positions.
  • To understand the major components of welding equipment and the essential parameters for welding.
  • To understand the terminology, operation, and controls for the selected arc welding processes, joint types, and welding positions.
  • To be able to identify and understand the causes of typical welding defects and how their occurrence can be reduced, for the materials and welding processes selected.
  • To know the basics of welding
  • Knowing the basics of welding documents


  • A questioning attitude, to understand the processes and associated industrial applications. Maintaining competence with a commitment to Continuing Professional Development.
  • Planning and preparation to ensure production and Continuing Professional Development goals are achieved.
  • Intervention, to challenge poor practices and channel feedback to the appropriate authorities to implement change.

Entry requirements:

Practical skills are considered as important as academic ability. Dependent on the employer, they will set their own specific selection criteria on what requirements you would need.

Generally, you are required to have successfully achieved level 1 in English and Mathematics and to have also taken your examinations at level 2 for both these subjects, within the period of apprenticeship if these had already not been achieved.

General Welders are fully competent in manual welding using at least one arc process. They are also required in a number of sectors, for example, the steelwork construction sector.


This general welding apprenticeship is a great way to start your career in the manufacturing field. You will need to understand the process as well as ensuring all goals are achieved. This apprenticeship qualification is a great starting point and being able to work your way up from. Once you are certified, this can allow you to work from anywhere in the world in any industry. This can be just the starting point of your lifelong career in welding!

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