A day in a life of a hearing aid dispenser apprentice

A day in a life of a hearing aid dispenser apprentice

Does the thought of a mountain of student debt terrify you?

Does government funded training, to build a lifelong career sound more appealing?

In which case ApprenticeNow could be the place for you. In the follow post we speak to Laura who has just completed her Level 5 recognised Health and care profession, and British society of Hearing aid qualification. Below she opened up to us about her experience as an Audiologist apprentice and where this path has taken her.

So Laura, what made you want to become an Audiologist apprentice?
I’ve always dreamt of working in the healthcare sector, I have a passion for helping people and this has been a huge driver for me. For a long time, I thought I would need a degree to achieve this, and I was nervous about the increasing university fees so when I found out about this apprenticeship I was delighted. I did some research and came across ApprenticeTips.com which had some insightful blog posts from other apprentices, they all seemed successful, and I wanted to be a part of this. It was amazing to see the career development of previous Audiologist apprentices, they had gone on to secure permanent positions after they qualified which made me feel super reassured that this was the right career move for me.

How did you find this apprenticeship?
I did some research and found ApprenticeTips.com who had tonnes of detailed posts about the different types of apprenticeships there are. I found all the information about the course on there. It was a great resource to hear from other apprentices as well. I read one particular post about a previous apprentice’s tips and tricks on the application process which was great for me. I applied the knowledge from the article when I filled out my own application.

That’s amazing! What does your role entail?

I work independently to test peoples hearing, advising on hearing care and where necessary supplying and fitting hearing aids and other communication devices. I am responsible for maintaining accurate records and identifying the need for onward referral for a medical opinion. It’s great as I get to interact a lot with both the general public as well as my colleagues – everyday is different!

How have you developed your skills?
As well as learning the craft of audiology. One of the biggest skills I’ve developed is my self-confidence. I was very nervous when I first embarked on my apprenticeship, I was conscious of my lack of experience. With the help of my team and apprenticeship coach I worked on this skill and have really flourished in my role. I am now extremely confident engaging with customers and providing an excellent service to them.

What’s next in your career now you’ve qualified?
Now that I’m qualified, I’m pleased to say I’ve been offered a permanent position within my company. I am looking forward to progressing in my career and continuing to help people! I plan to continue to upskill myself and climb the career ladder in my industry. I hope to one day be a lead audiologist and plan to pass my skills down to new junior members of staff. I am a big advocate for apprenticeship schemes and hope to stay in touch with my apprenticeship provider and mentor others on the course.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship from your experience?
Definitely, I would not have been able to gain industry experience like this without my apprenticeship provider and employer. I’m so glad I chose this over university. It’s been a great experience. I would really recommend taking a look at ApprenticesTips.com for more details on the world of apprenticeships. They are a great resource.

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