Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship

Digital marketing apprenticeship
Digital marketers

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands/companies in an online format across a range of different platforms from Google & Bing, known as Paid Search, to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc; known as Paid Social.

Digital marketers also have organic fields such as organic search, also known as SEO, and organic social media reach.

These two types, paid and organic, form the main components of a digital marketers career however other platforms such as email marketing and programmatic also exist and help form a holistic marketing strategy when all are in use.

Why should I do an apprenticeship?

Apart from the long list of pros when it comes to doing a apprenticeship in general, such as avoiding student debt, the opportunity to get a feel for the industry you’re training in and being paid while you learn, completing an apprenticeship in this industry is a fairly fast qualification to gain just taking 12-18 months which is a lot less committing than attending university for example.

Marketing is an ever-growing industry as the landscape is always changing whether it be Google releasing Performance Max or Facebook releasing Advantage+ there is always something new and exciting to test and compete in the auction with against competitors.

Digital Marketing: What is Paid Search?

Digital marketing apprenticeship
Digital marketers
Paid search
Google ads
Bing ads
Did you know the biggest paid search engine is Google which the vast number of companies spend their bulk of media spend on?

Paid search is advertising on any search engine which includes but not limited to the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
The majority of advertisers opt to use Paid Search as it offers the highest intent users who have the most converting power.

There are multiple ways to advertise on search engines from your generic search ad, which is a build up of headlines & description lines at the top of a search engine results page, to using creative images within the shopping section of Google and running video display ads on Youtube.

Many advertisers opt in to the use of all three, especially if they’re a retail based business, as this helps advocate for the brand and seamlessly present the consumer an opportunity to convert.

Digital marketing: What is Paid Social?

Digital marketing apprenticeship
Digital marketers
Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Twitter ads
Tiktok ads
Pinterest ads
Paid Social Includes platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and many more.

Paid Social is advertising on any social media platforms which includes but not limited to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and many more.
This type of advertising is more so for brand awareness, especially as payment is typically for the amount of impressions in contrast to paid search which is by click.
The majority of advertising on these platforms will be through the use of creative images and videos.
Many businesses use Paid Social as a way to gain reach upon prospecting audiences and use it as a growth platform rather than a direct return on investment platform.

What does this mean for me?

By taking on an apprenticeship within digital marketing, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to learn about all these different channels and how to effectively use them within a holistic strategy.
Furthermore as the apprenticeship will likely not last longer than 18 months it means you won’t be making a life altering commitment should you decide this isn’t the industry for you.
For further information about digital marketing apprenticeships please have a look here!

If digital marketing isn’t for me?

If you feel like this industry isn’t suited to you, have a look around here for other articles within a range of careers.
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Hire Controller (Plants, Tools & Equipment) – The apprenticeship tips

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is the opportunity to work and learn on the job with qualified individuals spearheading your development.
An Apprenticeship allows you to get a qualification in a range of fields while getting that valuable on job experience that you wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to have while being within a controlled classroom environment.
For example, building a career as a Hire Controller isn’t something you’d be taught in a classroom.

Furthermore as an employee you’ll also be able to learn while you earn and be paid for your time both within working hours and within any “off the job” hours.
As it’s the employers aim to hire you, you know that you’ll receive the best training they can provide and all the support you’d need to succeed both in and out of the office/worksite.
There are many factors that can affect your eligibility for an apprenticeship ranging from your age to past qualifications however due to the vast amount of offerings across a range of sectors you’ll always be able to find one that suits your needs!

Overall there are a bunch of benefits when it comes to an apprenticeship, aside from the ones mentioned above, some benefits include: the opportunity to avoid student debt, the opportunity to get some experience within a field before making a lifetime commitment to the field & a almost guaranteed job as you finish your education.

Hire Controller – Providing specialist plant, tools, machinery or equipment on short or long-term hire.

Do you enjoy the construction industry and have the ability to inventory manage? Hire Controller might be the perfect apprenticeship for you.

Role Details:
During this apprenticeship the apprentice will offering support on a range of specialist equipment such as power tools for drilling or cranes for excavation. The hire controller is a key member of the team as it is their job to understand the operation of equipment, health, safety and environmental considerations and can advise customers on the right plant, tools or equipment for a job and how to use it. This role helps build your responsibility as you’d be the go to person for technical advice and instruction for customers and the person responsible for ensuring stock is maintained to the required standard, helping to ensure that all legal, health, safety and environmental requirements are met. Not to worry as your team will be there to support you within your role.

Typical Duties:
Providing Technical Support for commercial construction & domestic customers to help them select and use equipment for planned activities.
Ensuring hired equipment is compliant with health and safety requirements

Skills needed:
Customer Service – Response to customer enquires and offer support in accordance with company policy
IT – Use of organisational technology, IT and systems
Finance – Being able to provide and explain hiring costs and associated costs e.g damages
Communication – To be able to communicate legal, technical, safety and environmental information
And many more!

Apprenticeship details:
Entry Requirements – Individual requirements dependent on employer however apprentices without level 1 English or Maths will be required to complete a level 2 qualification before the end of the course
Duration – 12-18 months
Level – 2

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