Level 2 Mineral and Construction Product Sampling and Testing Operations Apprenticeship. Start learning now!

Is Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operations a route you want to go down and start your career path? If so, you can learn more by reading on and getting all the information you need to know about this course.

What is the Mineral and Construction Product Sampling and Testing Operations Apprenticeship?

It is a level 2 course that will teach you all the skills you will need to know and give you a qualification at the end. Level 2 is the starting point of any career and is equivalent to GCSE’S. The starting age is 16 and upwards. The main things the apprenticeship will entail are collecting and sampling mineral products, heavy construction products and/or final end use products to ensure they meet rigorous British and European standards (BSEN) and to ensure they meet customer needs. You will learn about how to use different types of materials and also collect a sample to test. Writing up reports on any findings you have and also having the opportunity to work in all different types of environments.

Key skills and knowledge learnt within the Apprenticeship:

A Mineral and Construction Product Sampling and Testing Operations Apprenticeship equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the quality and compliance of mineral and construction products. Examples of key skills and knowledge that the apprentice will learn are:

  • Sampling Techniques: Apprentices learn various methods for collecting samples of mineral and construction products. This includes soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, and other materials. This involves understanding sampling protocols, equipment usage, and safety procedures.
  • Testing Procedures: Trained in laboratory testing techniques to assess the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of mineral and construction products. This includes conducting tests for particle size distribution, density, moisture content, strength, and durability according to industry standards and specifications.
  • Quality Control and Assurance: Apprentices gain an understanding of quality control principles and procedures to ensure that products meet regulatory requirements, industry standards, and customer specifications. This involves monitoring production processes, analysing test results, and implementing corrective actions when deviations occur.
  • Health and Safety: Health and safety training is a crucial component of the apprenticeship. Focusing on the hazards associated with working in laboratory and construction environments. Apprentices learn to identify risks, use personal protective equipment (PPE) effectively, and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Apprentices develop skills in accurately recording test data, maintaining laboratory records, and preparing reports on testing activities and results. This includes understanding documentation requirements for compliance purposes and communicating findings to relevant stakeholders.

You will learn many more of these skills and knowledge modules.

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What is the qualification gained at the end?

The qualification gained at the end of the apprenticeship is MPQC Level 2 Certificate in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities for Mineral Products Operations. It must be achieved to meet regulatory requirements within the sector.

Entry Level Requirements:

It all depends on your employer. Sounds too easy! You can complete your Maths and English exam before your end point assessment.

Duration Of The Apprenticeship:

14-18 months.

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