Level 7 District Nurse Apprenticeship [New Update]

Are you a registered nurse? Are you looking to take the next step? Then this is the apprenticeship for you.

What does a District Nurse do?

District nurses work with people of all ages within their local communities. Their role within the healthcare sector is broad and can vary daily, for example, they can work in primary care, hospitals (including mental health facilities), hospices, prisons, social care, nonprofit organisations, and other community services. This can mean they are working with patients in their own homes or within various settings.

District Nurses are responsible for assessing and caring for patients with a wide range of health conditions. They manage a large, varied, and complex caseload, prioritising care, assessing risk, and prescribing medication, dressings, and appliances following legislation. They must adapt to changing local demands, requiring careful oversight and case management. Should plan, provide, and monitor complex community nursing care and services. They manage caseloads of complex patients and families/carers, whether dealing with long-term conditions over an extended period or acute, short-term episodes of care. District nurses are expected to lead clinical teams who often work in isolation without immediate access to medical advice and drive change management initiatives within the service, such as new ways of working and new models of care.

District Nursing

Entry Requirements and Progression

  • Registered nurse – Requirement of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • If you don’t yet have level 2 English and Maths, this must be achieved before EPA (End-Point Assessment).
  • Pass enhanced background checks.

The average salary of a district nurse is £35,000 – £43,000 per year and their typical hours a week are 38 – 40 hours, they will normally work evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Once qualified you could go on to become a senior district nurse or a community matron, move into advanced care or general health management or even progress into education or research. If you want to learn more about further progression, go to the National Careers Website to read more.

You will learn how to

  • Assess the physical and mental health needs of individuals and make informed decisions to address their needs. Collaborate effectively with individuals, groups, health professionals, and stakeholders.
  • Conduct and apply effective research. Communicate the results of data analysis and research. Enhance district nursing practice through research, audits, and feedback.
  • Implement efficient organisational strategies. Provide strong leadership and guide the team through changes. Maintain accurate records to support service delivery.
  • Develop and execute effective case management strategies. Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate safe and effective care for the caseload and individual patients.
  • Treat people with dignity and respect their diversity, beliefs, culture, and individual needs. Show respect and empathy for patients, their families, carers, and colleagues. Be adaptable, reliable, and consistent, and have the courage to address areas of concern.
  • Be flexible, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent when interacting with patients, carers and teams. Serve as a positive role model for staff and teams.

What’s expected from you?

You’ll be expected to meet deadlines for coursework and exams. To complete your day-to-day tasks within the role. Continue to learn and expand your knowledge of biology, verbal communication skills and counselling skills. You will be expected to be thorough, pay attention to detail and have the ability to be patient and to remain calm in stressful situations.


If you’re a registered nurse ready to take the next step, consider this Level 7 District Nursing Apprenticeship. It’s a role where you’ll work closely with your community, in places like hospitals and homes, managing diverse cases and leading teams. You’ll learn essential skills to assess health needs, organise care effectively, and conduct research that improves nursing practice.

This apprenticeship offers a good salary and paths to advance into senior roles or specialised areas like education or research. It’s a chance to grow professionally while making a real difference in people’s lives.

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