Event Assistant Apprentice Wanted (Level 3)

The party don’t start ‘til you walk in!

Another great opportunity here for a potential apprentice, the role of Event Assistant.

Does a team based, event planning role that could span a large variety of events, parties, venues and even countries – sound like it might be something for you or someone you know? Then keep reading!

What does the job role include?

This role would be perfect for individuals looking to develop within a role that provides an exciting array of tasks with varied teams, as you would be providing support to a number of different Event Planners or Project Managers. This will differ and could be for the organisation you will be working at or even with clients from larger corporations, smaller companies and not-for-profit organisations. This could cover a variation of tasks, for example: searching for the perfect location and venue for an event, organising logistics (transportation, catering, bar staff etc.) or working with the design team creating the overall look and feel for the event. So, you will definitely not get bored here.

Similarly, the variation spans to the size of the events as well as the events themselves. Conferences, meetings, trade shows or exhibitions make up 75% of events likely to be planned. However, other events to be created would include outdoor events, cultural events, sporting, and music events. Something for any apprentice to get stuck in and truly enjoy the planning and creation of a project.

If this does not sound diverse and exciting enough for you so far, you will be glad to know that even though most events are generally UK based. They are not at all limited to this and you could be planning events in many countries across the globe. 

What does the apprenticeship require and am I qualified to apply?

This is suited to anyone, from any background. The key to success in event management is the right attitude, passion for both the role, the stamina and commitment to the learning.

Previous experience is not typically needed however (even though it may vary between individual employer’s set criteria) you generally need to have achieved a minimum of Level 2 Maths and English. Apprentices without Level 2 Maths and English will need to achieve this prior to them taking their EPA (End-Point Assessment).

An ideal candidate for the profession would be an individual who would be flexible, calm, and proactive in a demanding but rewarding environment that can then deal with such situations with energy and enthusiasm. Good communication skills are key, along with patience and the important ability to empathise with colleagues and clients alike.

What to expect and possible requirements of the Event Assistant role?

If you are liking the sound of this, you are probably wondering what kind of tasks you’ll be taking part in on a day to day basis and what’s the skills you’re going to need to know or be prepared to work on.

Some professional skills needed may include building and maintain a relationship and rapport with a number of colleagues, clients, and suppliers and to be able to work well within these teams. Similarly, it is crucial that an apprentice can listen, understand, vocalise a client’s wants or needs or question effectively to furthermore ensure understanding.

Some general operational skills needed would include: gathering facts and collating information. This is vital for finding the perfect location and venue for an event. Additionally, being able to then aid any onsite staff at an event or registering delegates to do.

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Importantly, time management skills are a must as with event management you will need to effectively prioritise tasks by urgency when organising an event.

Another skill that is important for a role such as event planning is the ability to use word processing, spreadsheet documents and contributing or creating reports for project plans or presentations for clients.

For more information on the possible roles, skills, knowledge, and understanding needed, click here: https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/event-assistant/

What does it take to be the perfect event planner?

  • Enthusiastic and positive individual
  • Discretion with sensitive information and data
  • Works well under pressure, keeping calm and positive in tense situations
  • Good problem solving initiative, resolve issues fast and can be flexible with needs of projects
  • Consistent, strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrate respect team members regardless of any differences – sex, race, religion etc.
  • Exhibit a personal commitment to sustainability within all work in order to minimise negative implications on the environment potentially caused by work activities

Length of Apprenticeship & Details

Does this sound like this job is made for you? The chance to work and learn so many new things while racking up invaluable work experience within a well-established company. The length of this apprenticeship is typically 18 months and the standard of the apprenticeship is a Level 3.


As you can see, the Level 3 Event Assistant apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for someone hoping to begin a career within the events industry or someone more experienced wanting to try something new and exciting.

This apprenticeship will guide you along and open up countless possibilities in the future for a career or further education as upon completion. There is many more apprenticeships for an individual to continue learning while working and receive higher qualifications through these Level 4-7 apprenticeships.

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-Hazrat Inavat Khan

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