7 Digital Marketing techniques to increase website traffic

Is your website traffic lower than expected? Then you came to the right place my friend! Here are 7 great tips to increase website traffic.

1. Email Marketing, old but gold

There are so many ways to market your brand in 2021, it important not to forget one of the traditional methods of marketing, Email marketing. Something as simple as an email blast can give your website the kick it needs to gain more traffic. Top tip, it’s imperative that you do not do these emails too frequently. People receive so many emails per day already, people are likely to unsubscribe to your email list if you use this method too much.

Email marketing is incredibly versatile, how you thought of using targeted email? Using your email database, you can use tools such as Mailchimp to send emails to a specific audience. It could be based on behaviour, geographical location and based on their interests. You can even personalise the emails by adding subscriber names to add a personal aspect you the email.

2. Be active on socials

Using social media to increase website traffic is one of the best and cost efficient ways to create awareness for a campaign as it’s easy and completely free! For short and snappy content with a good image/video/gift, Twitter is your best bet. In contrast, using Linkedin (predominantly used for connecting professionals) you would aim to use a more formal tone and engage the reader with a story or blog post.

3. Optimise your page using SEO (Search engine optimisation)

Another cost-efficient way to increase traffic for a brand is using SEO. Ensuring that the page has healthy keyword density, image alt text, fast page loading time and having secure backlinks to the page can boots organic traffic and build more awareness for your brand.

4. Invite a guest to your blog

Guest Blogging is a great way to gain exposure to a new audience. Identifying known bloggers and social media influencers that fit with your target audience and getting them to guest blog on your brand website is a great way to expose your brand to a new audience as they are likely to share it on their socials and which should bring more traffic to your website.

5. Display banner advertising

Having great imagery and engaging text on a web banner will attract people into clicking the link and finding out more about your brand and website. Ensure that the banners are on websites that the target audience is likely to visit.

6. Take a deep dive into your website analytics  

Using specialist tools like Google Analytics can be a game-changing source of information on everything about your website. It can tell you what is the most popular page, bounce rates, demographics and even who is on your page at this very moment. You can leverage this information by analysing and using this to optimise your strategy. If a particular post is popular, why not make more content about a similar topic and see how it performs? See how, where and when you get visitors on your website and where exactly are they coming from?

7. Grab user’s attention with Video marketing

Studies suggest that retention is remarkably higher for visual material over text. Text on websites and blogs are a very important aspect of gaining more traffic on your website. However, videos can both attract new visitors and make your website a lot more entertaining, it grabs your audience’s attention and has the ability to drive your website traffic up at the same time – it’s a win-win!

I hope these tips help you on your mission for more website traffic. Even if you get one of these right, you should be a boost in traffic. Thanks for reading!

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