Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Level 3 Youth Support Worker Apprenticeship

Youth Support Worker Apprenticeships are both incredibly important and valuable roles in society. They are vital for providing support, guidance, and opportunity for young people to develop and reach their potential. Throughout this blog we’ll explore the top 5 benefits to choose the level 3 youth support work apprenticeship. Going through the structured course, benefits and significance in the effort to improve the lives of young people.

youth support worker with group of teens

We’ve spoken to multiple Youth Support Worker Apprentices to find out what matters most and why they would recommend their apprenticeship…

Here are their 5 top reasons:

1 – Earn while you learn

The number one benefit apprentices told us about was the opportunity to earn money while you gain new skills that strengthen your CV and employability. All while you are still deciding what you want your future career to be. Furthermore you aren’t just rewarded with money and skills, it’s also a very rewarding career path in itself. As you get a chance to brighten people’s days, whether they’ve had a hard childhood through the social care system, they’re poorly in hospital or they have a disability they struggle to get through life with, you can help make a difference.

2 – Get hands on experience

Receive hands-on experience with learning how to best support the individual. As your relationship’s purpose is to allow them to lead the path as you stay by to assist when necessary. The opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from multiple different sectors in the industry, using skills you’re learning about helps you to better develop your confidence. In addition you get the chance to see how skills can be applied in the real world and hear from people working in the care services industry.

Youth support worker with teens

3 – Already interested in becoming a youth support worker?

A health apprenticeship course is one that hits the right balance of receiving support from your training provider and learning through mistakes and succession with your employer. Throughout the duration of the course, you will be challenged with leadership skills through the day to day tasks. For example taking responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the young individuals but also the times you’ll be in charge of other colleagues or volunteers.

4 – A network of support

Having a development coach to support you throughout each aspect of your course helps eliminate any stress you may have as you have someone to answer all those burning questions. Plus the whole team at your apprenticeship provider are incredibly welcoming to answer any questions you may have. This network of support means you’re never alone and always have someone around to get you back on track.

Network of support from youth support worker

5 – Opening doors for a youth support worker

It is essential to understand that one of the key selling points to any future employer is your on the job experience and the more first hand experiences working in their industry the better. An apprenticeship provider can teach you about the right practical skills that people are looking for. As you will also be building up your industry experience through the time you spend with your employeer. On the other hand, as you become more integrated into the company and more encouraged to stay, this is why most apprenticeships stay with the same employer after their apprenticeship comes to an end.


Whether you’re looking for support with your learning, the right skills to work in the Care Services industry and applying your knowledge on the job, this Youth Support Worker apprenticeship has it all.

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